Defeated by my body

Couldn't go for a run last night, feel too rough from this cold. I went for it anyway Monday when it had already started and I think it really didn't help.

The thing is not going for a run put me in such a bad mood :/ It's irrational because I will go for that run tomorrow or at the weekend when I feel better but it really puts me in such a foul mood not getting out there.

Does anyone else experience this? Am I addicted to the endorphins? Am I just plain nuts? Yep, that last one.


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7 Replies

  • Yes ... once you get going you become very hooked on the whole thing! I had to abandon Week 9 after the first run as got flu and it took a week off before I attempted it again but I was fed up the whole time I was resting up ... never experienced that before! Just go easy on yourself, and make sure you're well before starting again :-)

  • Poor you... :)

    ...and yes, I think we do all feel the we are all hooked.. or all loopy!

    I am still crocked with Bronchitis and it does really niggle that I can't get out there; especially as the snow has gone and we have just had two days of glorious winter sunshine!

    But, as Wes says.. when you are well you can get out again...if you really push yourself now and make yourself ill, then it will only delay that.

    I think I said in a previous post.. I am managing to do the linked Strength and Flex exercises, ( indoors) and it does help.. really! Helps to keep the muscles loose and does release the good feelings....!

    You can do what you feel like.. i.e. when you have had enough you just stop and you do not have to crawl home!

    Maybe give it a go? :)

  • That's a good shout! I will try that today :) thank you.

  • Yes, you're addicted, and yes, you're probably nuts! I think we all are! Sadly, we all have times when we can't run due to illness or other stuff, listen to your body, running will wait for you xx

  • Bronchitis is bad so you can't really run but a cold is ok to run with as long as you feel up to it, and if it's not on your chest. A head cold can be made better I think by running as it helps clear it. You can blow your nose as you go. Big hanky a must! Running slowly uphill seems best. Put yourself under some effort and your nose will pour, good blow and off you go again. By the time you get back you've done wonders to your head cold. It makes you wonder where all the gunk comes from. Too much info. LOL

    I hope you soon feel better Cat!

  • Yes we're all mad as a box of frogs but adjusting to it. It doesn't feel too bad when the weather is so foul you just can't go out but I find if I'm not able to go out I'm looking at the weather fairly constantly and thinking I could have been out and have missed an opportunity.

  • Thank you all! I'm still not well and the cold has developed into a really nasty cough. So it's the waiting game for me :(

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