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Defeated by W6R3 - gutted

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My confidence has taken a knock today - the first run I wasn't able to complete. Had to stop at 20 mins and walk for 4 but did manage the last minute. Was hot out there but all my other recent runs have been done in the heat - had had two days rest too.

My tracker thingy says I was running at about 6 min 27 per km rate - is this too fast ? Feel I can't go much slower without walking !

Now in a quandary - do I go back and start W6 again, repeat R2 again and then try R3 again or just try R3 again on Wednesday ?

Help - feeling deflated.

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A couple of runs in this heat have been fine and I did what I needed to do, but on other occasions it has affected me and I felt queasy and exhausted and unhappy in the hot sunshine. I had to stop early. Rather than feel like I’d failed I decided to call them placeholder runs, be proud that I still went out, and see what happened the next time. Sure enough, it was all fine, I never did two “placeholder runs” in a row!

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Chin up mellybird. Some days are just not run days. We all get them. Give yourself a day or two rest and then try the same run again.

6 mins 27 is fairly fast. Plenty of people on here go much slower. I suggest you slow down, remember we call it going for a run, but actually it is going for a jog. You can get through this if you slow down. It's not about seeing how fast you can run, it's just about getting to the end of each run.

Week 6 is also a tough one. It's a bit of a turning point. Plod on, repeat the same run again, just slower, take in the scenery or the neighbours gardens or whatever you are running past.

You can do it!

i hate running in the heat. just consider this run a warm up and do the run again and do it when its cooler.

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Don't be too disheartened - some runs are just that bit harder for various reasons. I couldn't finish W7R1, but I repeated it and then went on to complete the programme. I've been on the IC ever since, so will probably go back to W6 once I get the go-ahead from the physio.

I'm still astonished that I've been doing any running and it sounds like you're doing great☺☺

Don’t beat yourself up mellybird I’ve just done week 5 for the second time, think how far you have come 😃 go do it again but slow down a little

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Your pace seems amazingly fast to me. The best I have managed so far is around 8 minutes per km in the running intervals and there is no way I could do this for a long time. When I did my 20 minute run in W5R3, I was going at 10 minutes per km.

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In the words of Jerome Kern,

"Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again"

Give R3 another go, you'll crush it!


That’s a bit fast in this heat - slow it down a bit and focus on going the distance.

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Hey Mellybird! It’s a very hot day out there! You did well to have done so many in the heat. It’s definitely much harder going. So, well done for getting out there today and for getting back on the run for the last minute too! That takes some courage and you’ve shown that you’ve got that! I would have your rest day, lots of water and go back out for R3! Slower, slower, slower! W6 was challenging for me too. You can do it. Big hugs! ❤️

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Please don’t beat yourself up. It’s really hot out there. I went out at 07.00 this morning and it was already a bit too warm.

Think you’re really going quite fast too, try to slow it down - a gentle jog in this weather is perfect. Slow and steady is the mantra. Your choice what to do about the run, just be kind to yourself 🌻

Gosh you’re fast!!! 🏁

I could only go that speed in my dreams. But it may be that what with the heat too your body is actually telling you to "s l o w d o w n" please. You’ll be fine on your next run though I betcha!

If you slow down of course 😇

I didn't complete W6R3 either. I got to 18 mins so you did better than me. I went back to W6R1, and have just repeated W6R2 today. It was real easy. I am now mentally and physically ready for W6R3.

Go for it, we can do it!!! 😊

I've just completed W7 which in my C25K plan is a 3 x 25 minuters. The only way I could do it is by going slow, and sometimes even slower! Still jogging though. There's no way I could do them at the pace I did for the immediate build up runs previously that have a walking bit in the middle (I was still slow by the way!). Please stick at it, and next time you try just start off as SLOWLY as you can (whilst still jogging) and forget about pace. If you have anything in the tank with 2-3 minutes to go maybe you could up the pace at that point? You can and will do it, no doubt about it.

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Good luck today Mellybird!! You can do it! ❤️

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It’s ok!! Don’t panic! My running has gone right off in the heat I’m hoping to really pick it up again when it gets cooler - I dropped back to 20 mins and walked the rest as it just exhausts me! I think you are running pretty fast - i would slow it right down and just keep going out there doing what you can do and don’t stress about it! We are not used to this heat and humidity - just keep trying 😄

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I’ve just done w7 r1. I ran 3km in 25 minutes which was 8 min 30 pace so I think you may be going too fast but I’m no running expert. I ruptured my Achilles 14 months ago so I am making sure I don’t over do it!!

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