Defeated by the rain

Was going to do my week 1 run 3 today outside but when I picked my daughter up from the station it looked like it was going to pour down, so thought I might do a run on the treadmill instead. Nearly didnt bother but as I had my running gear on any way decided to give it a go and guess what ...... managed to do 5K in 31 mins hurrah !!!!! was taking me about 47 mins outside so must keep perservering with the outside running, I must say that I do enjoy running outside but I'm still a fair weather runner I'm afraid.

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  • I've found if you have the right gear running in the rain can be quite exhilarating:) Its running in to a head wind I really dislike:(

  • Light rain is nice to run in. I let myself be put off by heavy rain yesterday but I would have certainly given it a go if it had been the weekend and I didn't have to rush to work afterwards - I'm half hoping it will be wet for my outdoor run tomorrow....

    5k in 31 minutes is pretty damn quick in week 1, well done ! I've done mostly treadmill running until recently but outdoor running is more challenging and more interesting, I think it builds more stamina too - I find mixing the two works well for me.

  • I had competed week 9 about 2 weeks ago but had done all my running indoors and have now only started running outside this week. I have enjoyed my 2 outdoor runs and agree it is more interesting but harder which is why I am starting off at week 1 again. I will certainly try running out in the rain just need to get a waterproof jacket hopefully this weekend as I think the April showers are not going to let up just yet.

  • It's actually great fun running in the rain, the heavier the better. Think of it as a mobile shower!!

  • Blooming heck, 5km in 31mins on W1.....well done you.

  • I just hope my ipod nano is correct and not lying to me

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