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Couch to 5K
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Joggin to help my body AND my mind

So yesterdays run was postponed as my hubby had an operation on his ACL in his knee (he ruptured it and chipped a bone!) I have been hard at work looking after him which has been emotionally draining and after a lot of worry and a bad nights sleep i was feelong a wreck. Seeing him in pain when he is usually so chirpy is heartbreaking. Exhausted from no sleep the night before, i was gonna skip todays run and i guess i could have done but hubby was insistant and knew i would need a bit of time... "just go and take half an hour.. run if u can but if ur too tired, walk fast" (love him) so with that in my mind (and the kids tucked away asleep, water to hand for hubby and his painkillers kicking in) i set off for the usual start warm up walk to see where i got to and how i felt. To my total suprise (i was exhausted) it made me feel more energised and so when it came to running i was raring to go and completed the run, and ran further than i have before

I thouroughly enjoyed this run. It gave me time to think and process... therefore i am adding to my list of reasons to run. The space it gives you to mentally sort through the day's emotions was an unexpected bonus. Who knew i would be enjoying running this much in under a month! Can't wait to run again on tuesday.

On another note i have found i turn my left foot out when running and so tonight i tried to concentrate on keeping it in line with the direction i am running this really helped but i don't get why my foot would start turning out. It seemed to be causing me some muscle pain on the inside of my knee. Don't know if anyone else has experienced it. Keeping my foot straight definately helps with this though... again another reason to keep up with strengthening exercises on rest days!

I really enjoyed the run tonight and feel de stressed and miles better for it!!

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Well done for getting out for that run under difficult circumstances. And what a thoughtful, supportive hubby you have - wishing him a speedy recovery!

Aren't the many benefits of exercising amazing? We've all heard it before, that exercise is good for the mind as well as the body, and that it can give you more energy...and yet for me I find I'm always surprised! As if I thought those claims were over-inflated, or wouldn't apply to me - so funny how we can talk ourselves out of going for a run or walk or whatever exercise. But I have never regretted getting out to exercise once I'd actually gone and done it. In fact, I've found all I really need to do is get my shoes on. The hardest part is the decision to go. Once you've committed to doing that and got the runners on the rest just kind of follows.

The term couch to 5K is a bit of a misnomer, even though it is catchy. I don't think it's just the pull of the couch that's stopping most of us from getting more exercise- for most it's the time-pressured lives we lead and multiple competing and compelling commitments that get in the way. Putting our health as a top priority can take a mind shift and can require a lot of support from others to allow it to happen, depending on your circumstances. Your husbands commitment to help you get out for your run is brilliant! And your tenancity to get out there and do it when feeling so exhausted is inspiring for all of us.

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Thanks. I definately agree to the benefits of running. I feel so much better for the exercise. A good reminder to keep it up and persevere!!!

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Well done for making the time for you. I always wonder why I didn't start running sooner, I'm definitely a better version of me!

Out of interest, how's hubby doing? I've got an ACL reconstruction in the very near future. I haven't spoken to anyone post op. I'm a bit nervous it'll take me the year to get back to C25K which is why I'm trying to power on through the programme. 💪🏃

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He is very sore. The consultant wasn't great on letting him know how it went and pain management has been tricky but he is walking around on crutches and has since the first day but progress is slow and steady. He was in and out in a day and being at ho.e has helped for sure. Sleeping is difficult as staying in one position is not comfortable. My advice would be to make sure you get good pain management. As he had tramadol in hosp he has to wait 48 hrs before he can have co codamol which has made matters worse! Good luck with your op!

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Oh dear.. what a rough time you have had...it is horrid when those we love are in pain. I know how stressed I get when my husband is ill... I hold it together outwardly but inside!!

I have. as many of us, always used the runs for a way to lose negative emotions and worries... letting then float away into the air behind me as I run... sorting out my head and putting things in some kind of perspective.

You did this and it worked for you... brilliant! Well done.

Your knee pain sounds familiar... someone posted a similar problem... have you tried some exercises?


Hope husband is okay... and you take care of you. :)x


I have been doing the knee exercises daily for the past week or so...i think they will kick in soon... for now i will maintain technique as i run along with the strengthening and hope for the best. I had overprone feet which have been fixed by a decent structured trainer so the pain may also be my legs knees and feet adjusting to new positions.


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