Defeated by the heat!

After four days of no running, I went for my first post-grad run today. Once again I missed my local parkrun, so I decided to do the course on my own today - no park runners, no Laura, nothing but me and my cheesy music.

I walked from my home to Mile End Park (about 25-30 minutes) and began the course. I did one circuit in reasonable time, albeit with several walking breaks - but I went to start the second one and I had to pull up, as the heat was really getting to me.

The official temperature for this area said 21°C, so I thought I'd be OK - but with the heat beating off the buildings, pavements and hard ground, I think it was more like 28°. Anyway, I started to feel really peculiar - so I had to abandon my efforts.

There were no buses due to a huge traffic jam, so I walked home. At least I managed to fit in a couple of micro-runs of a few minutes each on the way back.

I'm a bit fed up that I didn't achieve my objective - I ended up doing 7.75km in all, in 1 hour 35 minutes, so pretty slow. Still, at least I did something.

Just to give you an idea of our parkrun route, here is a page on Mile End park and the Green Bridge:


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19 Replies

  • yes it certainly has been warm!!

  • Just dust yourself down and go again next time Katie204 . Heatstroke= not good.

    Temp here was supposed to be 23c, but it feels so much hotter.🔥

    Anyhow, I'm sure there'll be another cold snap soon.

    That Park Run looks good :)

  • Thanks 90ldfinch. The good thing about bad runs is that you know the next run will be better.

    Our parkrun course is a good one. It's a bit challenging with that massive climb over the bridge (which we have to do 4 times in the course of the run!) but that probably helps to increase our fitness.

  • Looks a fab place to run 😊you did amazingly well to cover 7.75 km in that heat, you did the right thing stopping 😊

    Don't be down hearted , you went and you ran, always a plus , tomorrow is another day .

  • Thanks Rob!

  • Katie, thank you for posting I also did my first post grad run Saturday afternoon, hot and really humid, I decided to run a flat route as I was hoping to push beyond 5.5km. hit the wall at approx. 3k and walked home. my reflections on this were

    1. I was tired having had 4 past midnight bedtimes in a row that week

    2. I normally run in the cool of the morning when my energy levels are best

    3. humidity had a heating effect on my body and decreased my air intake

    4. note to self don't get to cocky !!! ;-)

    5. this was 3km more than I could do 3 months ago in one hit

    will try again tomorrow after a good nights sleep and early in the morning

    upwards and onwards


  • Hi Nick

    I was actually feeling dizzy and felt as if I had an upset tummy (sorry if TMI), which were slightly worrying signs for me.

    I'm going to try again tomorrow as well. I also have a Chi Running "Taster" session on Tuesday to try and improve my running form.

    I'm more of an evening person than a morning person, so I will set out later next time if it's another hot day. You live and learn!

  • Sounds an amazing amount to me! But I think set out later, it was very hot today and even the evening was warm and humid. I cant do mornings either (not even too good for swimming). At the risk of TMI, I also get the upset tummy feeling if a bit dehydrated.

  • Well done Katie ! I ran this morning at half nine-ish and it was really hot , the temp said 18 degrees but it felt a LOT hotter than that tbh.

    7.75km is brilliant ! Be very proud of that ! I think you did the right thing , you listened to your body , very wise I think !

    Chin up , you did really well ! :-) xxx

  • You did the right thing stopping. You're not supposed to feel like that when running. And you got a whole lot of exercise despite aborting the mission. 🌞🌞🌞

  • That's a great run and so soon after graduation, congrats. How many times over the banana bridge?

  • Hi - I made it twice over the banana bridge (and mostly running, too!). Then I started on the second circuit, but had to give up just before the bridge.

  • I'll be thrilled when I can run for an hour. I should probably go back to run/walk, but I'm not ready to just yet.

  • Try not to let t get you down, we all have bad runs.

    Hit the reset button and start the next run afresh.

  • Never mind - it was very warm so not surprising if you struggled. Really important to think about hydration when it's like this.

  • I took a bottle of water with me, and I was very glad I did!

    I think I will do the next run closer to home in case of mishaps.

  • That workout was no "failure" at all -- just because you did not achieve what you set out to do. I think that people just do not understand how much they need to slow down in the heat - Jeff Galloway' style of training is ( it seems to me) to be very conservative - he really caters for real runners (you know - slow ones like us!! :) - and he says this

    For those who are a bit "mathematically challenged" :) -- he says that for every 5F/3C above 60F/16C, to slow down by 30 seconds per mile ( 20 seconds per klm )

    So in your case, at 28C, you should be slowing down by 1 minute 20 secs per KLM!! I'll bet you didn't do that!! :)

  • To be honest, if I'd slowed down by 1 minute 20 seconds per km, I would have been going backwards by the end! ;-) But thank you for this information - it's well worth bearing in mind.

    And next time I will choose a more sensible time of day to do my running ...

  • Heat is no joke. I knew a girl who died of heatstroke years ago, a bad way to go and so easy to succumb to. You lived to run another day :) - I don't call that defeat, I call it darn intelligent :) Wishing you many happy miles in comfortable and sane temperatures in your future :)

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