Newbie saying Hi !

Just started Week 2 Day 1 on Sunday. Absolutely loving it so far ... I have finally found some form of exercise I really enjoy and am really looking forward to my next run tomorrow . Stopped smoking 18 months ago after over 35 years 20 + a day. There is no way I could have even thought about doing this if I was still smoking. Its a real incentive for me to keep going . Onwards and upwards ! Looking forward to sharing in your stories ...


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13 Replies

  • Welcome onboard. You've taken the important step... the rest of the journey will be lovely!

  • Thankyou Tomas, I am looking forward to the challenge !

  • Thanks KittyKat007, I look at it as being just one cigarette away from a 20 + habit again. Isnt it mad after all this time you can still think " Oooh I fancy a cig ! " Good luck to you too on your next run, let us know how you get on !

  • welcome poppypug! You sound like you are really enjoying yourself. There are so many positive benefits to this programme and this forum is great for advice and support. Let us all know how it goes x Oh and well done for stopping the smoking, that's brilliant. x

  • Thank you ! I like your user name by the way !

  • Hi poppypug!

    I'm just on day 6 of stopping and really don't want to hear that you could still fancy one now *puts fingers in ears and shouts lalala!*

    Welcome to a really supportive forum. I could never have graduated without these guys :-)

  • Hi Khrissy, sorry didn't mean to dishearten you . Its only a very fleeting thought and it goes away very quickly. ! Youre doing really well - keep going . You can do it !

  • I have given up smoking twice now. I couldn't believe it when I started smoking again after 13 years. Keep resisting. Your future self will thank you :) xxx

  • Hi Kickibro, , there is no way I could do this if I still smoked. I think my lungs will explode :-) Plus Im enjoying my runs too much !

  • Welcome to the forum and the C25K programme. Glad to know you are enjoying it - running does become addictive. I gave up smoking for the second time about three months ago and this programme helped me to do that. This is also a very supportive community and it's amazing what people have achieved because of it. Good luck with the programme, enjoy, and very best wishes to you.

  • Aw thanks Fitmo, great news about the smoking ! I am looking forward to being part of this community, we can achieve so much when we put our mind to it !

  • Welcome, such a lovely supportive group of people in here. It has helped motivate me so far so good! And well done with the ciggies, I'm also a couple of years free of them and spent a long time trying to stop. I feel healthier than I've done in years and I agree, I'd never have been able to do the programme whilst still a smoker. Keep us all up to date with your progress. Enjoy!!

  • Thanks for the welcome Trixibelle ! My next run is tomorrow - Im very much looking forward to it ! Thank you for the support , much appreciated.

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