Couch to 5K

Wk2run2 done!

Set off at 8.40 last night and couldn't get the podcast to start straight away - it took about 2 mins walking and fiddling then I was off. Bit of knee niggle at first - run 1 happened to be down a steep hill which didn't help but it didn't continue once I was on flat. I got a stitch in run 4 which went by run 5 and when I finished I was surprised to have covered 3.8k in 34 mins. I know that isn't fast as such but I think the stitch may mean I was going a bit fast at times and I don't want to go into the longer runs going too fast..

Happy running all :)

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Sure sign of going too fast is that darned stitch, especially downhill as it jiggles your middle so much. You really should be going very slowly at this point in your running career. Slow down now ! You don't want to get injured. Don't bother about time/speed/distance. It's a diversion from the important job which is to FINISH the session

You've made a start with this fab programme. Keep going, and most of all have fun! Keep smiling!

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Slow're movin' too fast.. as Simon & Garfunkel sing...!

Plenty of weeks left... and it is, as misswobble says all about finishing the programme.. .

Slow, steady and enjoy the journey! :)

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Thanks for the feedback :) the speed truly wasn't intentional (its a flippin steep hill!) I'll slow right down and stick to my usual fairly level circuit for run 3 and the next couple of weeks. Love the support from all the graduates when I flick through the updates, it really motivates me :)


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