What have I done??

I have just signed up for the Liverpool Spring 5K even though I have always told myself I run because I enjoy it and to keep fit, not to enter anything as public as that! I did it in a moment of madness. I have struggled to improve on running 5k in 37 minutes and I know I am going to get myself all worked up on the day in case I am last to finish. I have only done 1 park run as the only ones to finish after me where children and the adults who ran with them! I couldn't stand another embarrassing moment like that again !


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  • Our 5k events are always popular with runners and walkers. At 37 minutes i would think you'd be far from last - we have folks that take an hour. Races can be really fun, and everyone gets worked up beforehand. If your focus is enjoyment rather than speed you might enjoy it more. Would a friend run with you?

  • There is no way that you will be last at 37 minutes, unless you signed up for the Olympics by mistake :D

    So believe in yourself, kiddo! It's not a competition ;) I did my first "public" run last weekend, eleven months after starting C25K... I felt very much the same as you, but it was unfounded - the majority of runners were just like us (kiddo 2 and muggins), everyday people who ran two or three times a week.

    So look forward to it; even if your time remains the same, you'll be well placed on the finishing line :)

  • It is extremely unlikely that you will be last. But even in the unlikely event that you are, does it matter? Someone has to be last even if all of the times are magnificent. Will you be looking at the person who comes in last, ridiculing them for being too slow? I doubt it, and neither will anyone else. The important thing is to do your best. Good luck, and enjoy it :)

  • That's a decent time and you won't be last! I too thought everyone at these events were super athletes but have quickly realised that mostly the people there are just like me - and we're all keeping ahead of the lazy bums sat on the couch!

  • Oh - and I run to enjoy it and keep fit but nothing beats staring at that medal after an event and thinking "I earnt that - yes me!"

  • hi there like me dad always used to so "just do your best at least you can say you did it" all the best look forward for you to say how well you did, and well done for entering in the first place. kind regards Alan

  • Thanks for all the support. Every thing you said makes perfect sense. I have a friend who runs but I don't want to keep her back as she is faster and more experienced than me. I don't mind running alone. I have until the end of April to get used to the idea. I will keep you posted.

  • Sure I replied to this yesterday but cant see it now....?!?

    Anyways - as I don't live so far away I went to have a look at your event, to see when it was with a view to wondering if I would be fit enough to maybe join you by then, or come along to cheer if it wasn't in school hols. It looks like it will be a fun event, and it specifically says its for all types of runners are welcome - plodders included - and plodders would be much longer than 37 mins, and there will be entertainment on the way round - brilliant. Sounds great and sure you will enjoy it.

    Remind us nearer the event and I'll do my best to get there and cheer you on

  • That would be a great idea Jeleybelly, thank you! I will remind you closer to the time x

  • Can you try another park run? At my local one the times vary from about 16 mins to an hour!! Good luck with the 5k - I'm sure you'll be fine :)

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