What have I done?

I miss the discipline of the programme. I miss being told what to do - I spend my work life managing people and things and outside of work, I just want someone to do the thinking for me. I've researched and researched and now I've finally done it. I've downloaded a Bridge to 10k app! My 5k is still too uncomfortable and I think the only way to help that is by pushing myself further! I'm not sure my damaged body will ever let me run 10k but I do feel I need to improve from where I am now!


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  • When did you graduate?

  • Must be getting on for a month ago. I plan to do this programme in the same way I did couch25k - repeating weeks if I need to. A lot of the programmes I found were too full on too quickly and I have to take things steadily because of my aches and pains. It's actually an ease into 10k programme - so longer in duration of programme but that's not important to me.

  • Hey!

    Many of us felt a tad bereft!

    Have you been enjoying some runs just for you? Consolidating those 30 minute runs? Doing the C25K+ podcasts...:)

    Which plan have you got... and why, if you are feeling a tad lonesome, have you not headed to Bridge to 10K for some support and advice? Go and visit.. there are a few of us over there..and you can still be on here too? :)

  • How rubbish is this - haven't done the podcasts because of lack of storage on my phone - I will sort that out one day. I have enjoyed a couple of runs for myself - managed to stop myself looking at my Garmin every 30 seconds and just run - I just need a bit of self discipline - not to get out there and run but to push myself when I'm out there

  • Okay... well.. tomorrow... sort that phone out...and get yourself across to Bridge to 10K.... we will be waiting for you... I can be very pushy when necessary !

    It is a great journey from here and there is so much to keep you motivated...so much advice and support too... rest up and we can help you work out a plan to suit you! :)

  • I'll sort it out this evening! No run tonight but a swim. When I signed up for this stupid triathlon it was the running I feared most. Now it's the swimming - I've neglected my swimming over running!

  • Okay... double exercise! :)

  • Downloaded but what an ordeal that was! They only have stepping stones in itunes, not the Play store and I have an android phone. It took forever - and a very clever husband - but I did it. Dreadful swim last night - anxiety attack about breathing under water which has NEVER happened before. Couldn't do more than a length of front crawl. Tonight my hardcore spinning class and then a very short run straight after - I have to practice bricks - where you go straight from one discipline into the other. 3Β½ weeks until the triathlon. It seemed such a good idea when I signed up six months ago!

  • Do you have ( or can you get ) Strava on your phone? ( No data required)

    If so, find me and we can be virtual running partners.

    I am in a similar position, after my 5k today, I am without goals. I watched people do 10 k in a few minutes more than I did 5 today and all I thought was " I don't know I want to be running for an hour three times a week, 30 mins is fine" . Wondering how people alter pace etc. At moment , I either run or walk, like a car with a two speed gearbox.

    Don't worry, you are not aloneπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • I'll have a look at Strava this evening! I too have only two speeds - although the reality is that it's really only one speed. There's very little difference between my walking and my shuffling speed!

  • OK, I have Strava - how do I find you?

  • I am Kim Bowden on Strava if you want to find my and this is my Spotify playlist.


  • On your Strava profile, are you (a) wearing a red jacket, (b) in front of Big Ben with a man I presume you know... or (c) in California?

  • I am wearing s big red jacket which was actually on a whale watching trip in Canada!

  • Name dropper!πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

  • You are? This is super! I'll come looking for you there too. Make sure you set up Garmin Connect to link with your Strava too--it'll automatically sync from your watch to Strava. Much better than the alternative of pressing "Go" on the watch AND Strava AND the podcast AND your playlist all at the same time! I'm Freya Jarman over there if anyone's looking for more Strava buddies :) (I totally am--I have three of my students on there and an old chum from uni in the 90s...)

  • What is your Strava name? I would like to follow you too!

  • I'm Lindsey Rayner on Strava, and you?

  • Eleanor lewis

  • There are 3! Which one are you !!!!!

  • Rebecca Slattery-Kavanagh

  • Now you know why my profile here is just RebeccaSK!!!!!!

  • I have added an iceberg picture to my profile to make it easier!

  • Silly me: I was looking for an iceberg *lettuce*. Found you though :) (I'm Freya Jarman)

  • Well now, one might say the same of you, EleanorL ! Are you in Poringland, are you a cartoon, or do you have no distinguishing features?

  • I use Sami Murphy Bridge to 10k podcasts on all my runs. Hardly ever leave home without her πŸ™‚

  • OK - I'll have a look at Sami Murphy - thank you!

  • Okay virtual nagging assistant clocking on. Houston we have to have a plan. First thing lady, sort out that technology says she who is utterly useless. ...πŸ˜€ Then we build the plan, then you go run....

  • Technology will be sorted this evening once I've been swimming. As I said to Oldfloss, when I signed up for the triathlon I was convinced I'd have to walk the run but I was totally confident about the swim. However, swim has been greatly neglected and I'm now dreading it. So, three weeks to get on top of my spinning and actually get on my bicycle and ride beyond the end of the road!

  • Bike riding.. you never forget..just remember to keep pedalling!

  • Triathlon, you say? Go you!! This is one of my major ambitions. I'm signing up for a 5k run in November (for Movember) as a first goal, and then I'm looking at beginner tris to do locally. Like you, I've been thinking the run would be the hardest bit. How long is your swim?

  • It's pathetic really - 200m swim, 10k bike, 2k run. I've totally neglected my swimming - which was my strongest discipline by far - in favour of running. Guess what I discovered last night? Run fit is not swim fit. Now I'm panicking about the swim! 3Β½ weeks to go!

  • Ah, but run fit is superior to not fit, and it's a heck of a better start for picking up the swimming again! If you were a good swimmer then, like cycling, I reckon you'll get back into the swing without too much bother. Do you have to wear one of those daft all-in-one suits for it??

  • Well, ideally yes. However, I have been totally unable to find one that will fit over my ample arse and hips so have had to resort to a top and separate bottoms which is very annoying.

  • Sounds irritating indeed....I shall come back to you in months to come about how to transition outfits into/out of the swimming cossie. I'm imagining some telephone boxy Clark-Kent-to-Superman type of situation.

  • There are hours of running and tons of original tracks, most of,which were new to me but I soon got used to them. The lyrics are chosen to pick you up. Some are funny πŸ˜ƒ

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