What have I done?

On New Year's Eve, carried away by alcohol and my competitive streak I rashly countered my kids' New Year resolutions by declaring that I intended to run a 10K race in 2014.

In the cold light of day I presumed everyone had forgotten but alas no: this morning my son e-mailed with details of the Leeds 10K in July and challenged me to keep my word. Ten minutes later against all my instincts, I found myself clicking ENTER on the Leeds website and it appears I am now committed. As my aged legs currently struggle to run 5K in less than 40 minutes I know I have a steep training curve in front of me. Any advice or news of fellow entrants would be very welcome.


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  • I did exactly the same and have entered the Highclere castle 10k in May! My rationale was that running around the garden of Downton abbey may somehow get me through it. In hindsight I should have waited at least until I reached graduation but somehow on new yeas eve it felt like a good idea. I am committed now and it is for a great cause so don't want to waste a fundraising place. I have found a 10k training on the bupa run site which is very similar to the c25k plan, hopefully it may help :)

  • Oh thanks for that Jenner. I will look it up. Maybe we can compare notes as we progress (or not )

  • Well done to you and Jen for setting your next goals I have 8k race in may so have been trying to find prog so will look at bupa one thanks Good luck to you both with your training

  • That's great to know. Fitfor60. I just downloaded the BUPA 10K plan and it is for thse who can already run 5K in 40 minutes so I just qualify! It looks great and its good to have a structured plan again. I'm one of those people who need it.Maybe you are too? Otherwise I find it too easy to lose impetus and drift away.

  • I'm exactly the same I am missing the structure of wk ?? R?? So ill give it a go

  • Doesn't the 5k + podcast programme from NHS Choices take up up to 10k? Not that I have used it mind!

  • Thanks Yes I do the 5k+ speed and stamina when i feel like it and like them but I really looking for more structured plan over say 8 weeks which will tell me exactly what to do each run Lots of suggestions out there but worried in case I pick the wrong one --- stupid I know Good luck with your runnng

  • Ah I see! Good luck with yours too, I am going to sign up to a 5 miler and haven't yet completed this programme - yikes!

  • Purple 100 you'll be fine if you just do what Laura says Funny my race in may is 5 miles but I thought it was 5k hence the increase in training

  • Good luck to you too fitfor60 :) glad to help.

  • This forum is so good for getting help and support Thanks

  • I think it's fantastic , good luck to you all. I'm going to have to do something like that , when I've recovered . Daren't do it yet till I know ankle is on the mend . Great goals to work towards

  • I really feel for you Rockette. I dread getting injured-I'd be champing at the bit to get going again and would almost certainly aggravate it, so well done you for being patient.

  • I am champing at the bit lol, I'm terrible . Been in a right mood all day , I'm now 5k to couch lol

  • Only temporarily! Don't get too comfortable Rockette! X

  • Ha ha , & how's things with you Jen , are you feeling any better ?

  • I've been looking at a book tonight what I may get , it's on amazon & it's called 5k&10k it's training plans for races looks really interesting I got a sample on my kindle . I know you have that bupa plan , but thought I'd tell you about it .

  • Thanks Rockette. I might try that-though I've stretched my Amazon budget over Christmas! I've also found a site called Great Run Training where you can customise a training plan for any distance and date you have in mind.

  • Oh no something else to look at for 10 k plan --and I had almost decided on bupa one Why oh why can't nhs just do 10k plan and I would just follow Laura blindly like the last time and have total confidence it would work

  • You CAN and WILL do it... I graduated from C25k in April having never run before, and I completed a HM inOctober....I'm still in shock but I did it by doing lots of running which is what you will do, and above all else have the time of your life and enjoy it!!


  • Hi turnturtle

    well done you, i am sure uou will achieve your goal, just as you are achieving C25k there are lotsfof comments abiut the bupa plan but there us also samantha B210k many on here have progressed to this as it is the same format as C25k. Good luck I look forward to hearing how you got on x

  • Thanks for reminding me of that ClawMum. I think that's the one I'll try first as I'm one of those people who likes to have someone whispering in my ear, telling me what to do rather than following written instructions.

  • no probs i like it because its very much like the C25K, its a shame with the demand they don't do a programme of there own

  • Very well done! Alcohol has a lot to answer for hasn't it? Good luck and I look forward to hearing about your journey.

  • I will certainly post about my journey Irishprincess but I do start with an advantage as I'm off to NZ in a week to 'mother' my pregnant daughter and will be running in the sun for the next 10 weeks! If I can't speed up in those conditions I don't deserve to call myself a runner!

  • I ran the Sheffield 10K last September (my first ever race) and really enjoyed it. I'm sure you'll enjoy the Leeds one too; well done for signing up. Just keep running and you'll be fine.

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