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Now What Have I Done !*!*

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Only gone and registered for an 8.5 mile run at the end of May in Sutton Park - despite the fact that I had to walk for four minutes this morning on my 5k run!

Need to think about extending my distances now. Three miles to eight is a bit of a jump - but I can always use the Galloway method.

I must say this running lark can make you do very strange things. Wish me luck

The picture is the walk back to the car, beautiful sun rising on a crispy field. I suppose I could say my rash action was the result of sunstroke :-)

[Plus postscript to Friday's non-stop run - the lady I accosted in the car park to take my picture turned up this morning at the post-Boldmere Bullets run. What a small world. She recognised me as the strange happy lady who had just completed 5k non-stop on Friday.]

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Good on you! And plenty of time to increase your distance.

no-excuse profile image

Wow, how exciting for you! Yes plenty of time to train, and walk run is always an option. Best of luck with it all. Love the picture too x :-)

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8.5 MILES??? WOW! Start training immediately and you'll be fine. That's 13.5K. I've only ever done 12K and I'm sure with some adrenaline I could manage the full girth that is 8.5 miles. But slow speeds are the key. Good luck!

Ullyrunner profile image

Lovely photo - and great ambition. This running makes us all nuts!

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well done,plenty of time to train and get ready :D sunstroke , the addiction to running and anything else we say when we do these things lol

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Brilliant, you can do it, just plan your training and do each run knowing it's one step to that goal, and what a lovely picture :)

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Aim high! It gives you a great goal to strive for. I like the pressure of signing up for something on a whim.

You crazy runner you! Slow and steady, bit by'll get here x

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