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Run 1 Week 9 Completed


Feeling really proud of myself this evening as just completed the first run of week 9 - can't believe I ran 30 mins non stop - especially as I couldn't even manage 1 min not that many weeks ago! Graduation is in sight :-) x

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Fantastic! Not long now :)


Snap I did mine tonight too😊 it's a great sense of achievement isn't it😊I'm so chuffed to get this far!!! See you at graduation🌟😀🌟😀👍👍x


Good For You. :)


Wow! Well done dereham-girl on completing a non-stop run for half an hour. That's amazing, and also reaching week 9 so quick! :)

Are you some kind of Superwoman? I notice we started the C25K plan at exactly the same time and I'm only on week 6. Also, up until the week 5 run 3 I only had 1 rest day in between runs as well, so how have you managed to be within 2 runs of graduation already? I'm truly impressed!! :) x

dereham-girlGraduate in reply to Lee337

lol Lee337 - superwoman - if only!! Had my first run on Monday 5th September but joined the group a little after that. I too have 1 rest day - only thing I can think of is that for one of the weeks I inadvertently only ran 2 of the 3 before moving on to the next week. Other than that I'm not sure. Keep up the good work though - I'll be following your progress


Lee337Graduate in reply to dereham-girl

Oh, so you're not a superwoman? That's a shame dereham-girl...I thought I had met my first superhero! ;)

Well, it still sounds impressive anyway, so well done. :) I'm also going to follow you to your graduation as well, so keep on running! :)

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