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Where to start again?


For a number of reasons I have not run for a couple of months. I miss it. I know it did me so much good and I want to start back. I had graduated and completed a few 5ks. Should I start back right at the start? I know I've put back on about 10 lbs and will probably find it hard to start. Can anyone give me some advice?


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Hi , Well done for getting back in the saddle .

I wouldn't go back to the start , especially if you've done a few 5ks too .

I would start with Week 5 and see how you feel .

Let us know how you go on :-) xxx

Hafaaf61Graduate in reply to poppypug

Thanks! I will. 😊

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how soon your body will be back at your old running self. Okay you've been out a couple of months, but you probably have much more mental strength and stamina than you had than when you first started. I think poppypug's suggestion of week 5 sounds great, I don't doubt you'll be back to your 5ks again soon :-) good luck!

Hello, I was really grateful for your question as I am in the same situation myself, I had to stop because I sprained my ankle really badly and want to start again too and am not quite sure when to start or which week to start with. I had started running in the summer and only got up to week 6, so I think I have to right back to the start. Whatever I will be thinking about you. It sounds as if you will be running again really soon. Good luck and happy Christmas!

Windswept1Graduate in reply to Vero_VTT

I have been on the couch for a couple of months due to a tendon problem with my foot. The professional advice I was given is to start back gradually and (although I much prefer running outside) to start back on the treadmill which has a softer landing. I am slowly building up again. You may find the first couple of weeks of the programme too easy but build up slowly and listen to your body. Good luck and hope to see you graduate in the new year.

sizexmGraduate in reply to Vero_VTT

Hi Vero_VIT, I was in the same situation last year. What worked well for me was to start at the beginning and do every run just once until I felt it was getting more challenging (week 3 or 4). This way I got a gentle start but was back to longer runs relatively quickly.

Happy Christmas and good luck!

DownNotUpGraduate in reply to sizexm

I did the same thing. I restarted with the week 1 run but since it was relatively easy I next did a week 2 run and so on, until I found the runs challenging again.


Brilliant.... for starting back...

I totally agree with the advice of the wonderful poppy pug;

my daughter and son in law had to abandon the programme at Week 9 and have just started again, at Week 5. They are finding that really acceptable and enjoying getting out there again! My daughter says the hardest thing was just stepping out of the door for the first time again! Once on the track.. it was fine. Go for it! :)


Nah, all you need to do is get your shoes on, get to where you are going to run and start your 5 minute walk. And change to a gentle running motion. Keep it slow. If coaching might help then perhaps choose any one of the 'continuous run' podcasts.

It doesn't matter how it goes (provided you don't sprint and do yourself a mischief) Your biggest issue is getting out there. Then do it again soon.


I had the same issue a few months ago and found doing one run from each week until I found it quite hard (a week 4 run I think) worked for me. Once I was at week 5 I then followed the program as I had the first time. Good luck and keep going - you know you can do it!


Reading with interest as I did something nasty to my Achilles which is just about okay now... I plan to get back on track after New Year. I haven't run since October, I've missed it and I've put on weight...

I've had a couple of four/five week breaks for illness - and have found Week 6 a good one to start back at, but only doing the Week 7, 8 and 9 runs twice each before getting back to my "normal" 4K. Do what works for you - but do it SLOWLY!

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