My Running Week

Welcome all to those of you mad enough to read my weekly ramblings. Mondays 10k seemed to go ok, well within my level now, and I ran 1min and 4 seconds slower than the previous week so no pb but still a respectable time of 1:02:48, however I felt really comfortable and wasn't worried when I saw I had been a trifle slower. Wednesday instead of intervals I ran a quick 3.38km in 19.08 so that wasn't too bad either. This morning's run was 5k in a pb of 28.19. I totally overdid the first few k's and suffered for it. I felt really good in the first couple of k's even though I knew I would hurt a bit later on but my splits were 5.10, 5.21, 5.55, 6.09, 5.44.

I hope you all stay injury free and enjoy the Christmas period and keep on running!

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Great news Mat that you're getting your three runs done each week, especially at this time of year. Those are fab splits there.

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Oh yes fab splits indeed! And it sounds like you've got your running well sorted, isn't it great to be able to say a 10K is well withing your level xxx


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