My running week

Hi all, here's my running week progress. I am still running with Laura on week nine even thought that's a few weeks since I finished the c25k. I am just trying to get a better feeling for pacing myself before I venture into the unknown of speed work and stamina. Last Monday ran 6.08 splits for the whole 5k, Wednesday was not feeling great at 05:40 when I started to run so deliberately ran a slower pace, however still completed in splits of 6.36 and then today also ran 6.08 splits. Really happy with my pacing and feel that a sub 30min 5k is not that far off. Happy running!

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  • Sounds like you're doing really well Mat. That 30 minute 5k much be in reach!

  • Thanks ully

  • nice work...well done you :)

  • Thanks juicy

  • I think your times are really good Mat. Well done.

  • Thanks Irishprincess

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