My Running Week

So although not technically in my running week. Last Sunday did a supersprint triathlon all on my lonesome, so swam 400m, cycled 14.5km and ran 2.5k in 1 hour and 2 minutes. Was quite happy with that. Ran Monday as a recovery run which was just a nice slow jog, completed a speed workout on Wednesday and then this morning ran 1 second outside my PB of 28.57 for 5k. Didn't feel like a PB run as I was going around my route and was a little frustrated to not beat or at least equal my PB but at least I was close. Now the scary part of working towards increasing my distance so that I gradually build it up so that I will be able to take part in a Sprint Triathlon next year. All the hard K's start here! Thanks for reading and keep on running!

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  • Blimey Mat you're really going for it all aren't you? That sounds a great time, well done to you. What month is the event?

  • Well I am looking at a few starting in April and then I will try a couple more between then and the London Triathlon which is in August.

  • Very impressive Mat ! Anyone who takes part in these events deserves massive respect , it must be so hard !

    Well done and let us know how the trainings going

    Well done ! :-) xxx

  • Take care and develop slowly, you don;t want to get injured

    I was watching the triathlon from Weymouth on telly this morning. It's very watchable. Not sure I could do it. They finished with a 26 mile run!!!!!! Grief!

  • I saw a similar event on TV and it was an ironman which is so way out of my league. I am just going to be happy to complete my tiddly sprint event. I am taking things slowly as an injury is the last thing I want, so there will be a few rest weeks put into my schedule, and then I have got a few pre set plans to build up prior to the events. I actually think I am pretty organised, now if only I could do this for the rest of my life ...

  • I hope you can do it for the rest of your life. If you stay injury-free then no reason why not. Not overdoing things is key to staying fit. I am benched due to overuse and it's bl**dy awful not being able to get out there, so take care!

    Ironman might be out of your league now but never say never. Mind you, you don't have to bust a gut if that's not your thing. Best to work within your capabilities and take time to develop your body safely

    Have fun!

  • Yep I am deffo working within my capabilities that's for sure.

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