My Running Week

My running week has been pretty good. Started off on Monday with my longer run, now up to 7k and felt really comfortable at 6.21 pace. Resisted the urge to keep going as I felt I could have so will do the same again this coming Monday and then will up it the following week. Intervals on Wednesday still as hard as ever, still ending up the session puffing and blowing and considerably less composed than my other runs, but it apparently is doing me good. Todays run was a bit of an odd one, ran my normal 5k route although forgot my headtorch so when running in the park at 6.15am this morning was a bit of an experience not being able to see where my feet were landing, so I took it nice and steady and made sure I planted my feet flat so I didn't twist anything (note to self to make sure headtorch is in my kit ready from night before). Ran to the Stamina podcast and felt as though I was floundering a bit, but when I got home I looked at my splits and although I had 2 technology issues which meant I had to stop the splits weren't too bad 1st km 7.11, 2nd km 5.53, 3rd km 5.58, 4th km 6.02, 5th km 5.44. If I didn't have to stop in my first k I would have been much happier.

Anyway thanks for reading, stay injury free and keep on running!


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9 Replies

  • Don't worry about stopping. It's good for you! Don't do too much at this point either! If you push too hard you're going to run into trouble. Go steady ! The pounding of Tarmac on intervals can fry your legs, so don't go mad!! If you're new to running I know you want all good things to come at once but pace yourself. Your body has to be ready and it takes about 18 months to 2 years to get there

    I fell onto a speed hump in the dark once and landed on my cheek bone and skinned my knee. I felt a right plonker as I was only warming up. Ha ha

  • Sorry to hear of your trip misswobble, I was expecting something to happen myself but fortunately I had a bit of good luck in not tripping. I am very wary of overdoing it so I don't think that will be too much of a problem. This pacing lark is harder than you imagine isn't it?

  • This are some good splits there, interesting you are using the stamina podcast .. might have to give that a whirl

  • I use stamina podcast to slow me down so I don't get too puffed out too quickly, otherwise I go off like a bat out of hell (this is relative - if you were watching you would think I could walk faster ...) and have to stop after about 10 mins.

  • Ha Ha usuitorloseit that's normally me as well, at least I tell myself I'm a bat out of hell but I am sure it would remind people of a snail.

  • Thanks Slow_Rob, the stamina podcast is pretty good its a 35 minute run building up the pace throughout it.

  • having been just using speed but think it is time for a change :)

  • Wow, great week indeed, well done on that 7k!! Glad you didn't come a cropper on your dark 5k!!! X

  • Thanks MarlyParly, lesson learned and Headtorch will be put on my kit ready to go in future.

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