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Confession time

OK, I'll come clean. When I'd finished week 6, I studied the remaining three weeks, and realised they were mainly to gradually increase duration from 25 minutes to 30 minutes. And so next time, I tried a 30 minute run, successfully. Since then I've done three more, and intend to continue doing them until my distance covered improves somewhat. I'm still only covering 2.5 or 2.6 miles in my 30 minutes, and that's on the flat. I believe I could do 5k, which is only 3.1 miles, but I won't attempt that for another week or so.

Now, can I apply for my graduation badge next week when I've done two or three more 30 minute runs, or will I be considered a cheat for jumping over weeks 7 and 8?

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You are a cheat sir and a bounder and a cad to boot.

Only joking, I think if you can do 30 mins that's it.



Oh definitely a cheat...it's a blimmin scandal :)

Only joking.

Don't see why you aren't a graduate with 3 x 30 min runs....I'd let you have a badge if I was the c25K big cheese ;) xx


Thanks Barbara, I'll apply next week when I've got two more 30 minute runs under my belt. That'll make six, and I'll feel less guilty for abandoning the lovely Laura!


I think that makes you a graduate....absolutely...


Haha, I cheated too by starting on week 3. Shhhh! ;)


I think you've done it! Well done!

Just a question on this subject, do people recommend doing a bit more if you feel you can, or sticking to the programme religiously?

I ask because I've just finished week 3, I'm running everyday at the minute though (no aches or pains so far) and this weekend I was away so got lost and ended up further away from where I was staying than Laura lasted. I felt ok so I ran a bit more as it's a quicker way to get home (obviously lol)

I'm feeling I could do more but equally am wary of pushing myself above the podcasts and setting myself up with unrealistic expectations and having no way of monitoring my progress or improvement, has anyone else done more than the podcasts?


I think. You need to have the rest days so.that you done injure your self. I wouldn't recommend running every day as you'll burn your self.out.

I have run further than Laura has said on a few occasions as I felt I had the energy and was enjoying myself but I have only just graduated after 9 weeks and 5k is still a struggle.

Glad your enjoying your running but take it easy.


If, instead of doing Weeks 7, 8 and 9 you've run 9 x 30 mins, I wouldn't quibble about a graduate badge, you'll have earned it.

It's not all about the time you run for, it is about the times you get out there, it is not just helping you to run for 30 minutes but helping you to run regularly and acquire a fitness habit. Still don't know what the rush is - for a lot of people what C25K gives them is some mental self-discipline rather than just fitness and sometimes that's about sticking to the plan... which if you plan to run long term is a way of avoiding injury.


I'd say it definitely isn't on. I hope you are using the podcasts too - BUT if you skipped weeks 8 & 9 you will not have met "Julie"... we all had to put up with her, why shouldn't you? :-)

Well done, big congrats, enjoy your future running!


I ended up in a similar position, but I took the opinion that part of the c25k experience is sticking with it for the duration as well as meeting the running time goal, so although I was regularly running 5k (in more than 30 minutes) in week 7, I didn't claim the graduate badge until I had gone out 3x9 times too.


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