I've Done it :) :)

I've Done it :) :)

Finally after putting it off on Sunday due to tummy bug I completed W9R3 and with my normal sprint for the last minute :) I am so happy want to tell the world ! Only managing 4k but plan to increase time over next couple of weeks and when I can run 5k will then work on speed The C25K podcasts are brilliant. If I can do it anyone can !! Bring on Park runs and the Colour Run there is no stopping me now !! :) Photo shows me as I finished face matches the t shirt (it was hot) but smile says it all !!

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  • Well done ridingstar, a great achievement, now go get your nice shiny graduate badge!

  • Well done and congratulations.

  • Many Congratulations Riding Star ! Well done to you ! :-)

    Yes I was pretty much the same colour when I did my run at tea time . Phew ! It was hot wasnt it ?

    This is just the beginning now, I hope you enjoy wherever your running adventures take you from here

    Dont forget to request your badge xxx

  • Brilliant feeling isn't it?

    I finished early this morning and I'm still buzzing at 10.35 pm.

    So this is what's meant by a "Legal High".

    Today 30 minutes, tomorrow the World!

  • Congratulations to you too! Fantastic feeling :)

  • Well done to you too and yes still buzzing today want this legal high' to last it's a wonderful feeling !

  • Oh well done. I'm proper chuffed for you. I see no Graduate against your name though. Have you applied ?

    The C25k+ podcasts are good too, and an obvious next step for you. Enjoy your running!

  • Fantastic, I can see you are as pleased as punch. Well done. Now you can take on the world!

  • Yay!!!!

  • Whoop whoop well done! Enjoy colour runs, parkruns, every run! X 😊

  • Congratulations!

  • Congratulations - although I think using a horse is cheating.

  • Congratulations! And yes the smile does say it all :) Bet you're still smiling today too! Enjoy the afterglow and don't forget to get your graduate badge :)

  • Yes still smiling inside and out !! And got the badge ! ;)

  • Wow, well done! Congratulations!!

  • Well done. It's a wonderful feeling isn't it. I finished mine last week and only covered 4k , how will you improve this? Do you do intervals. I'm not sure what to do.

  • I'm thinking as I can sprint at the end of 30 minutes I should be ok with 35 without the sprint, thought of doing that 3 times then increase to 40 mins or 5k and then work on increasing speed I am not sure if that will work but I would like to actually run 5k before I do a park run. Do you think that would work and what are you doing now?

  • I'm not sure what would work as this is all new to me. I have completed the nhs couch to 5k + speed pod cast once, I think this will be good at increasing my speed. I was going to alternate a week or two between completing the speed podcast and increasing the time I run. Any advice would be good as not sure if it's a good plan or no.

  • Very well done ridingstar! I graduated this time last year and looking back I can remember what a great feeling it is. I hope you go on to further extend your endurance and speed over the coming year and soon you will be doing 10ks and HMs!

  • thank you that seems impossible to me but I suppose 5K was 9 weeks ago !

  • Oh! Many hearty congratulations to you ridingstar! Well done! ( I missed this yesterday sorry, love congratulating new grads!)

    I wish you many years of cool runnings ahead :-)

  • Thank you I put I up late as went out after my run and my girls don't get why I would want to delay going out to post on here and get my badge. But then they are not runners ;)

  • Yes, quite right, understand completely! Here we all are living a double life balanced between 2 worlds! Good idea to get out celebrating asap tho!

  • Bravo! Congratulations :)

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