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Actually a runner!

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I finally finished my third run of week nine last night. Honestly would never have believed I could run for 30mins straight a few months ago, and feel so positive after each run too. I started from never having run before and it took me just over 11 weeks to complete (due to Christmas festivities) but it felt like a great journey along the way - not easy by any means, but definitely achievable with Michael's help and especially this website which is now one of my most visited pages - very addictive! Thanks everyone and good luck to those just starting, I always keep the 'slow and steady' motto in mind :)

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Congratulations! Well done jumping straight back on it after the festivities too... celebrate your achievement well and enjoy consolidating on it. Come back and see us lots while on your future running adventures.


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What a great post! Congratulations!! I’m a complete beginner to running, and enjoy seeing that it can be done! 🎉

Well done, that’s a fabulous achievement and the start of the rest of your running journey.

I hope you’re grinning from ear to ear all day. 😀

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Congrats. Starting week9 Saturday, it’s an amazing journey.

Congratulations! You are a runner. Thanks for posting this to inspire those of us still working through the weeks.

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Well done you !! I feel exactly the same and never thought of myself as an athlete / runner , but just like you I’m about to finish W9 ! You ARE a runner now - keep up the great work !

Very well done you !

I need to be where you are, well done!!

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