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W6 R3 - first 25 mins and it felt difficult

Was a bit upset as it felt so difficult - the 20 min run is W5 was so easy - it's put me off W7 :-(

Or did I just have a bad run?

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Dont worry Emma , perfectly normal after the euphoria of W5R3 . It does tend to bite us on the bum , there have been lots of us on here who felt exactly the same xxx

You did it and thats the main thing !

You are doing great , you really are . Keep going ! :-) xxx


Snap! Didn't think an extra 5 minutes would be that much of a problem but like you I struggled. At least you did it, feel proud and carry on!!!


Good runs, bad runs, you know I've had my share,

Well my wman left home with anoth- wait . no, hang on, gone off track a bit there.

If you don't fancy W7, just go straight to W8, but scale it down by 3 mins per run.


You most likely just had a bad day - we all do. The main thing is that you made it through, which means you can make it again in W7.

It only takes being a little dehydrated, or low in energy, or having eaten too soon before, or running into the wind, or an issue with any of too many factors to list, for a run to go less well than expected. They can go surprisingly well equally unexpectedly.

You did it once and you'll do it again!

Good luck - and Happy Running!



At this point it's just mind over matter and keeping going. Put one foot in front of the other and keep going. You will do it, some days are not as good as others.

Week 6 is a strange one because of going back to intervals after doing 20 mins.


Don't worry, I felt exactly the same way. I was shocked at how well my 20 min run went in W5, I thought I had cracked this running thing.

But I found Going back to intervals in W6 really hard and didn't make the 25 min run without stopping until my 3rd attempt. Now half way through W8 and a bad cold / bad weather means I haven't been out in over a week. BUT, I'm now confident having done Week 7 that I can run for longer without stopping if I just slow down!! As many say, it is a mental thing at this stage.

Don't let a bad run stop you from trying again. It will get easier. [Note to self: Take your own advice!! :-) ]


Don't be put off but above all else don't dwell on it (been there, done that). Stay focused on how much you have achieved and how much closer to graduating you are. Maybe slow your pace down but just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

You can so do this! Keep us posted as to how you get on :-)


Well done I also completed wk6 r3 today on my third attempt. I found it very hard but it's done now, we can both feel proud off ourselves for the achievement so far πŸ˜€ good luck with week 7


probably just a bad day, we all have them

don't let it put you off - you're so nearly there now

next one will be great!


Thanks for all your replies - I am not going to dwell on it and start W7!

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I think you probably just had a bad run, but the main thing is that you did it! Put it behind you, onwards and upwards! You can do it :-)


Sorry I'm so late in replying but I've only just seen your posting as I'm on holiday. Week 6 catches most of us out and I think part of it is because you've cracked the physical part of the running but suddenly the psychological part (aka gremlins) kicks in and tells you you can't / don't need to do it but you can and more importantly, you will. Not many runs now until you graduate Emma, we're waiting for you at the finishing line, don't let us down.


Thanks for your message - Week 7 R 1and 2 were easy last week but was so busy with things that I have only just done the last run of W7 (a 6 day gap) so it was difficult!!!!


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