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W6 R3


Had my first proper wobble this morning! I knew I was going to be busy in the next 3 evenings so I got up at 6 am to do W6 R3, 10 mins into the run I just gave up!

legs and lower back really aching, and I just felt the task of running for another 15mins far too much, very disappointed, feel like a failure, not sure wether to start week 6 another go, or to try Run 3 again, any advise would be welcome.

This site is full of great achievements and positive stories, I feel bad putting this on but feel it’s a bit of a set back!

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Not sure I can give expert advice, perhaps pressure of trying to squeeze in run didn’t help, maybe you went too fast. I hope someone can give you advise you need, if it were me I would just try this run again next time. Good luck. I have very same run in morning. Going to be that snail 🐌

Thank you.


hi there - don't feel bad at all...we all get at least one bad run and most happen in either week 6 or 7 - you are not alone here.

you don't need to repeat the whole of week 6, just run 3.

we seem to like routines, so you may find that going out in the morning when you are used to evening runs threw you off course mentally before you even started.

put it down to experience and try the run again when you are ready. you may find the extra rest days beneficial too :-)

Llamamanalan in reply to alisonx

Thanks, I think the routine thing is the key, will try again


You’re ahead of me as I’ve just finished week 4 five minutes ago but from what I’ve read on here the usual advice when you don’t finish a run is to call it a practice run, take a rest day or maybe two and then do just that run again. They seem to say you only need to go back to an earlier stage if you’ve stopped running for more than a fortnight ( because of illness or injury for example.)


Now then, this site is for support as well as inspiration. When you start running you don't know that bad runs just happen sometimes. It may be that you lacked hydration, set off too fast, were tired, or sapped by humidity or none of the above.

Fortunately, good runs happen too and as you grow in experience you will cherish the good uns and put the bad uns down to experience.

I do think perhaps you need to work on your mental attitude. Just because you feel bad at 5mins, does not mean you will feel bad at 10 or 15 or whatever. I suggest if you are achy, you slow down and compose yourself, but don't give yourself the option of stopping.

So rest tomorrow and maybe the next day and do this run again. I'm sure it will be fine next time out :)

Thank you

I have to that run tonight I’m very nervous I know it’s going to be hard but I have a friend who is a runner coming with me to spur me on or I think I’d be exactly like you after 10 mins !! Try again tomorrow

Sorry I didn’t want to scare anyone! I’m sure you will smash it


We've all had wobbles Llamamanalan you've done great so far hang in there. If you are struggling with your body it could be your posture, I had a problem with that. Look on you tube for things to do with running posture it helped me improve my style of running and breathing, I made it in the end and I'm sure you will, hang in there.


Don't be disheartened- W6 is a tough one. Maybe as others have said you put too much pressure on yourself. Have a few "rest days" & try again - bet you will totally smash it next time. Good luck.

I had a shocker of a run this morning too, I'm just going to repeat it in a couple of days. I think it's actually really helpful to see that not everyone is finding it easy, so well done for posting! The level of support in this forum is phenomenal, everyone's got your back! Keep going and don't beat yourself up, you're doing it!

Thanks, it’s nice to know I’m not alone


Oh yes, I ended up walking after 5 minutes yesterday! I am going to do myself a favour and rest for a few days and then do it again. Doing 30 minutes x3 a week and going to the gym is hard enough without the broken nights caused by an unsettled 2yr old in temporary residence. The mad and bad weather isn’t helping, either! Don’t panic, as you can see, we all have those days, sooner or later.🤷🏼‍♀️

Llamamanalan in reply to JulesG1

Thank you that’s reassuring

Update: just completed W6 R3 !

Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement and kindness, looking forward to W7

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