Loosing the will (a bit)

Hi all, as some may not know, this is my second attempt at c25k. I've been on a really long journey to get to where I am today. Severely obese (still), I do a strength training circuit 4 times per week and my 3 runs per week, 1 day I do both and 1 day off. It's a run day today and tbh these longer runs take some effort!! It feels harder to motivate me and could quite easily not do it. Which is not really how I want to feel or do having come so far. It's took me 11 months to get to week 7!! Although I am 5 stone lighter but still obese. I had a pamper session on Friday (birthday gift) the masseur said I would benefit from a sports massage as my legs were pretty knotted and tight. The leg machines at the gym are also getting tougher but then overall it's really tough going. There's a few times I would like to walk during my runs but I don't, I muster up the power to break through the pain and fatigue to keep going somehow and 2 out of 3 runs per week it works. I always screw one up per week but it's usually when it's a gym and run day, so I think I'll start walking that run as it's better than nothing. Then when I feel ready ill start to run and gym in a the same day again. Unless anyone has any advice or tips for me?

Thanks x


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21 Replies

  • Hi :) You know what? You are absolutely AWESOME. You've hung in there, lost 5K, got stuck into strength training AND running, and from what I've read here, you have more sticking power than a pot of super glue. I'm impressed.

    I'd say that if you do gym and running on the same day, it's not surprising that your legs get knotted (or tell you to do so) when you go out to run. It sounds like you don't give yourself enough recovery time between runs, and you may end up exhausting yourself both physically and mentally, injuring yourself or getting discouraged. It would be a shame as you are so self disciplined and motivated :) How about doing one activity per day maximum, replacing some of the strength training days with swimming, or another gentle form of exercise that is less strenuous?

    Keep us posted and well done, again - you're amazing.

  • Slogging around circuits is not my idea of fun. Running should be fun.

    Go somewhere beautiful, out of town. Find a cliff path or a forest trail or a moorland track and just run.......don't worry about speed, time, distance or even having to slow down to walk. If that doesn't make you feel more alive than anything else, then I have no further advice.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • i LOVE this advice :)

  • Well done for getting this far. Don't be so hard on yourself. Yes running is hard and even now there is a small element of dread when I get ready for a run but that is over ridden by the satisfaction of getting out there. For this to work you need to have some element of joy/satisfaction to spur you on. If you want to walk then walk. This was my breakthrough as I deviated slightly at week 7. I ran/walked for about a month and built up the run and shortened the walk but when I was ready. this made it enjoyable and controllable for me. I have now graduated and have run 5 k quite regularly non stop (but very very slowly) but I do it!! The important thing is to ensure you have the proper amount of rest and allow your body to respond to the exercises you are doing. I am still obese but a much fitter obese person!!!

    Keep experimenting and find what works for you.

    Well done again and keep going!!!

  • I think it looks like I'll be deviating again too, just to buildup the time lol. I'm also a fitter obese person haha, but I bet your not what you think you are. Well done on graduating x

  • Not much advice I'm afraid - but just to say that it sounds as though you are doing fantastically well so far, despite the struggles you are having. It does just sound like you've lost the 'fun' a bit - have you thought about just going out for a good long walk sometimes ? This can be as beneficial (especially if its a bit hilly) as a short run or a gym session and might just feel a bit more enjoyable for a while ? :-)

  • Just think of what you've achieved! Losing 5st! That's magnificent! You need to get a bit of fun in there. Maybe leave off the circuit training and concentrate on the walking & running.

    Have you done any Parkruns, they can be good fun & meeting other people and someone similar to you to run with. You must keep at it! Well done!

  • Firstly an amazing well done for sticking at an exercise program and working hard to lose weight. ! I've struggled with my weight all my life and I know first hand how hard it is to lose weight and maintain it. You have lost some weight so that is a real achievement-- so pat yourself on the back.

    Secondly never feel you are not doing it properly if you walk whilst taking a run. Many many runners use the walk/run method and it seems to increase fitness rather than diminish it.

    Also if you find yourself getting a bit fed up or tired---it may be a sign you need a bit of a break----taking a few days off every now and again allows your body to recover.

    There's no need to work flat out for every workout. For instance in a week I do 1 short fast run and 2 gentler longer ones. If I feel a bit stiff and/or tired I might walk one of them. Some weeks I feel really good and some weeks I just feel tired--so I vary the training.

    Also we are all in this together and behind you. So keep posting to let us know how you are getting on.

    Take care

  • You are awesome!! Seriously you need to not be so hard on yourself and look at what you have achieved, it's amazing.

    Right, I would never attempt to run and gym unless I was running on the treadmill anyway. As others have said you need to give your body time to recover and I promise if you do that the runs will be easier. 11months of running and gyming it can takes its toll and maybe it is time to freshen things up like others have said, maybe try swimming, cycling, a class or walking/hiking. If you can maybe get a session with a pt or the gym people as a one off to do some new exercises.

    Maybe give yourself a goal or an event to aim for in the new year.

    Your doing great!! Keep going as you have so much will power and determination.

  • Excuse me, but you are amazing, look at what you've achieved. I think you need to give yourself a break, give yourself permission to have an extra rest day. You have to enjoy what you are doing, you don't want to end up hating it. We all lose the love occasionally, but usually just giving yourself a break helps, your body is telling you it's a bit tired I reckon, you've done fantastically well. I hope you get your way through this, as I said you are amazing, and don't you forget it! Big hugs!


  • Hi there. So you have lost 70lbs in weight... - that is absolutely tremendous!! Well done. The most I have lost is a stone and I was well chuffed with that (have to do it again as well).. and I went to the supermarket and picked up the equivalent in bags of potatoes. It is a lot of weight to lose - you must be well pleased with that :-D Is there any way you can alter your gym days with your run days so you're not doing the 2 on the same day? Losing weight is hard work, very hard. Otherwise everyone would be slim right? You are doing a great job and obviously doing the right things, the weight is coming off you. It is hard but worth it in the end - you are an inspiration to many on here :-) x

  • Oomph. Be kind to yourself. I recently started using the gym and I know I'm getting stronger, but it makes running the day after tough. You're made of grit and determination to do both on one day! I second a change of scenery for your runs and trying a run-walk every so often. After an injury in June and some time off I went back to run walks and love them. I think we beat ourselves up needlessly if we don't run a whole session or if we need a walk break. But who cares? We're out and doing it. Why not make one run a week just for enjoyment - walking, running, whatever goes. Ditch Laura for that run and play some good tunes or an interesting podcast. Or go back to week 1 and see how different it feels. You don't have to love every run, but it sure helps keeping the motivation if you enjoy one regularly.

  • Yeah don't worry about walk runs! Walking is the way to finish a session when the going gets tough. It can make the difference between completing the job and jacking it in. A walk just allows your heart rate to return to normal and then you can kick on again when you have your puff back. Nothing wrong with it at all. We all do it! As you get fitter the walk breaks become less frequent.

    Don't beat yourself up! Just look at what you've accomplished so far. Five stones gone is no mean feat. I know it's tough as I've done it, and you have to dig deep many times but it's worth it

    Just go steady. If your legs are getting frazzled and you need a sports massage then have one and maybe lay off training for a few days. The last thing you want is to injured your legs. Sometimes a few days off is better than medicine. Pamper session is a fab idea. Treat yourself to a new item of sports gear too! Or whatever else you'd like

    You could switch a gym session for a swim, walk or cycle for a change

  • You have shown amazing determination to come so far. However, just like a diet, it gets boring and hard if it's always the same. Mix it up a bit with some different combinations and, really, why do two on a single day? It's bound to be hard!!

    Keep going your doing so well, try to find some of the pleasure in it again.

  • Good for you. what willpower you have ! You are an example to everyone. You've already lost 5 kilos and you haven't given up. You are a special person. Just carry on and never lose heart. :)

  • It sounds like you are doing really, really well. My advice would be to feel proud of what you have achieved and keep on doing what you are doing. It doesn't matter how long each run takes, whether you sometimes have to walk, or how long it takes to get through the programme. Well done!

  • Aw thanks everyone. I'll definitely Be applying this to my future runs/walks to get me through. Just done week 7 run 2, about 15 mins into the running I was needing a break, my back was sore and my calf was starting, so I walked for about 30 seconds. Then about 8 mins to the end of the run I had another slight walk. 2 mins to the end of the run I done another short walk but managed the last 90 seconds!! I get so disappointed in myself for needing slight breaks but it doesn't matter how long it takes I will get there!! Tbh I do my running on a treadmill in the house, too scared to go out never mind park run but I do think the time is coming to venture out. Is there a way of knowing the speed I'm going when out just for me to compare myself with what I do on the treadmill. As for my plans I suppose I could tweak it to make me feel a bit happier or to give myself a longer break at times. Thanks everyone, your all fab!!

  • Keep it slow outside, allow yourself as many walk breaks as you need and look at it as a different skill to learn. It requires some adjustment going from inside running to out or vice versa - I'm really bad on a treadmill, can't get my pacing right. I know some folks keep track of their speed and distance with a phone ap outside. I bought a Garmin GPS watch once I knew I was hooked. Keep us posted on your progress. The important thing is to just keep chugging along.

  • Thanks, I'll have a look for an app, unless anyone knows of any.mi bought myself a jawbone for my birthday last year to monitor my exercise levels etc but it's broke now!! I do miss it but it wouldn't tell me how fast I was going so I could compare treadmill to running outside. I have been looking at watches etc but would like to monitor my sleep too and I don't think they do both, do they?

  • Do think about doing a parkrun - I'm sure it would give you a real boost to conquer something new and you will definitely get support there. If it feels too intimidating, you could go as a volunteer for a week or two - or even just go to watch. Then you can work up to trying it when you feel ready. Or check out the course and then walk/run it on your own sometime to give yourself confidence that you can do it. It's fine to walk all the way at parkrun.

  • Sounds like a plan, in fact I did think about volunteering. Never thought about finding out the route and trying it myself!!

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