Week 5 run 2 tomorrow, rain forecast worrying me

I found run 1 hard of this week(week 5) but just managed it, feeling daunted about the next 2 runs and knowing tomorrow it will rain all day is not encouraging me!! Can't really do a run thur and don't belong to a gym. What approach shall I take in the rain as still want to feel positive but starting wet is pretty yukky!! Dreading run 3 as well as I will have a 2 day break before that one. Thanks for any thoughts


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13 Replies

  • Well I ran in the rain Sunday and I loved how it kept me cool cos I get so blooming hot!! I'd say go for it. It's exhilarating really. However a couple of days rest is also an option it doesn't have to be every other day. Well done with your progress so far. Remember SLOW JOG

  • Thank you, I did run before in the rain but wasn't raining when I started! Believe me it is a slow jog!! I'm not sure it's much quicker than a quick walk lol. Think I will just get up, get it done then have a nice warm shower, after stretching if course.

  • I love running in the rain, it stops me going quite so purple in the face !!!

  • i think you are more afraid of week 5 and 20 min run, run in the rain cuz you will have to eventually there can't be always sunny :)

  • I'm another one that loves running in the rain. I would suggest a baseball cap or another form of hat if it's raining at the start of the run. That way you warm up through effort before you notice the rain (or at least, I do!).

  • The main downside I have with running in the rain is wearing specs but I can see well enough without them if it is raining. Give it go. As you say, nice shower when you get back.

  • Most folks like running in the rain due to its cooling effects so just crack on. You just have to go for it and not keep worrying about things that don't affect your running

    I don't go to the gym either so you're not on your own. It's fun too, once you get into it and you'll be amazed at what you can do once you just put your mind to it

  • I had my first run in the rain the day before yesterday and i LOVED it! Really cooling, refreshing, great smells (am I weird, haha!), and also there were less people out because of it which was great for me as I usually feel self conscious when I run, but on this day I was Phoebe from Friends running in the park, no cares in the world, and it was fab. Go for it!

  • I love running in the rain (okay, light drizzle over a real downpour) but once you accept you'll get wet and you've done your warm up and started running you may well find you look forward to the cooling effects of the water! One thing I always do in the rain is make sure I have a running cap on - keeps the rain out of your eyes and might help for those who wear glasses... some days I run with sunglasses on in the rain... :)

    Muddy paths aren't always the best places to run in the wet so I stick to asphalt (avoiding concrete) when it's wet... apart from that I'd say "go for it"... the warm shower at the end is so worth it!


  • Well, I did it!! It wS pretty wet and changed my route to avoid the grass! My baseball cap was invaluable. Surprised that I managed 8 minutes but very pleased. Thank you everyone. Still daunted by 20mins but will just go for it!

  • You've done your rain-run (not so bad?) and just have to gear up for the W5R3. I dreaded this run but it turned out to be one of my best. 1. You are ready for it if you have got this far; 2. Take it slow and steady; 3. If you struggle (as I did, going uphill) just think about how far you've come since W1 and as you think, those feet will keep themselves moving anyway; 4. At the end, let out your cry of triumph!

    Good luck! As you say, just go for it.

  • Thank you

  • do it you get wet when having shower it's only water

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