OMG!!!!!!!! Can I blow another trumpet!!?

Apologies if this turns out to be long. Sorry I don't post much, in fact I may of only wrote 1 or 2 other posts, however I have commented on other threads. Anyway as some of you may not know I was severly obese with a huge BMI, caould hardly move and didn't really move!! I restarted c25k in January after miserably failing last year. In between failing and starting again I joined a woman only gym concentrating on strength training. This time when I started again I was already starting to be able to move slowly and steadily. Yes ok it's took nigh on 10 month to get to where I am as iv'e planned this around me and how I feel physically and mentally able to move on to the next run. I started by jogging on the spot at home, to progressing in circles. I then started to crash into furniture and walls so got myself a treadmill. Bearing in mind my slow and steady progress I am now so pleased with myself. I managed to do the full 20 min run on week 5 run 3!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been working on week 5 for 2 weeks which in itself is alot quicker progress than some weeks and runs! Only 2 days previous I was in so much pain I only managed 7 mins of running and then walked very fast the rest! However I had also been to the gym that day. I have 1 day off, do 4 gyms and 3 runs, so obviously I fit both in on 1 day. Anyway I feel rather than repeat this run, I should move on and prepare myself for the next big run, what do you all think? or should I keep repeating it until I can do it at ease?

P.S I'm also 5 stone lighter!!


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  • Should of also said, hubby talked me into running that day as I had it pencilled in for another day, so mentally feel I may not of been ready, so didn't focus as well.

  • Move on you ran for 20 minutes and that was what was required ! Be careful not to overdo things make sure you have one or two rest days between runs and well done !! I am doing an essay at the moment on Bariatric Surgery I think 1/3 of the population could learn a lesson from you !! Happy running :)

  • That is such a brilliant achievement. You fully deserve to blow that trumpet. I agree with Ridingstar that you are ready to move on to the next run . I also agree that shouldn't overdo things. Do you HAVE to go to the gym four days a week? If so, what about postponing one of your runs if it clashes with a gym day? There's no law that says you have to do all three runs into seven days.Maybe complete them in 8 days instead? I just worry that you're not giving yourself enough recovery time. Pounding in the gym and on the roads on the same day could set you up for injury. But you know your body best. Be guided by what its telling you and don't be afraid to adjust your programme if necessary.

  • Blow that trumpet loud, girl, you deserve to!! What great progress you've made, both in your weight loss and your training. I've got around five stone still to lose (lost nearly one and a half) and I'm injured after three weeks of C25K but I'm determined to continue as soon as I can. Thanks for being such a great inspiration! :-)

  • Sorry to hear you are on the couch but I hope you will be back on par soon and ready to to build on what you have already done. I was injured and then life got in the way for four months, and I walked and swam to try and keep up a little fitness. I started back a few weeks ago at week three, I am about five runs off from graduating. Keep your chin up you have already done so well I know that you can do it!


  • Hmm if I tell you to be in the healthy range for my height I have another 7 stone to lose!! It's obscene!! I am still classed as very obese in the nhs guidelines. I hope your injury heals quickly as you do sound determined and you are just as much an inspiration!!

  • There's nothing obscene about being extra cuddly, it just means there's more of us to love!! ;-) We'll both get there in time and then the whole orchestra can play for us. Personally, I shall demand the 1812 Overture with all cannons blazing...... :-)

  • I like that mental image! Go you!!!!

  • Move on, you can do it! Spreading it out a bit seems like a good idea. I really feel that I need the rest days and that my body is building fitness just as much while resting as running...repairing and getting mentally ready for the next run. I am in awe of you what an effort you have put in to get where you are. Blow the whole brass section, you deserve it.

    Good luck!

  • You are awesome! Blow that trumpet loud and proud! ๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿ‘

  • Thanks guys. I do listen to my body and rest more if need be. My strength training,is only 35 mins of hard work so not as bad as it sounds, plus this is only 30 mins ish. So for one day it's only an hour spread out over the day. I don't do it one sitting. To be fair my weight has been hard to shift, not to lose, although it has been hard to loose at times. Even though I have lost 5 stone I am still classed as very obese and have another 7 stone to go to reach healthy range!! I did say I was obscene!!

  • Nothing obscene about that deadenedsvilla.

    What you have achieved is just amazing and you should be so very very proud.

    I agree about moving on with the runs but just take it steady.

    Well done you, just fab u lous xx

  • You seem to be very hard on yourself , you are doing great , love and be kind to yourself

  • Oh my word - 5 stone - that is absolutely fantastic! Very well done! All trumpets at the ready everybody! I would suggest moving on to W6 but don't forget that it can be the most irritating one of the lot! Many of us struggled with W6D1 - there are plenty of threads that talk about this one topic - have a go and see how you get on - you have already done fantastically well!

  • Mcgurranhouse, I love your profile picture. I wonder what the dog is thinking.

  • Probably something along the lies of how he loves having so many people to do his bidding and bring him treats! He is the king of our castle!!! :)

  • Ha! Aren't they always? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Wow! Fantastic, you are a lady well in charge of your own destiny, good for you! One thing I have learned on the C25K programme, is you don't have to be dictated to by it, I.e 'I must do 3 runs a week' , listen to your body, you choose what you do next, don't be disheartened if you do go for a repeat of the 20 mins you can't manage it (happens to us all) Move on if you want to, but do take care of yourself.


  • Wow you're post is so inspiring and full of energy! Don't be so hard in yourself... You are doing ace and can say I am a runner with pride! Good luck for week 6.

  • Lol TOrtoise I would never consider myself a runner just yet. Thanks for the luck.

  • Trumpet? You deserve the whole brass band for your efforts, commitment and success!

    You've lost 5 stones and done week 5, I'm in awe of you, keep posting you're an inspiration to others.

  • Fantastic achievement! Blow that trumpet!!! Very very well done on the 5 stone weight loss, that's terrific. Good luck for week 6 but remember to let your body recover when it needs to.

  • Well done you! Don't be too hard on yourself. The NHS guidelines are just that....guidelines. Go by how you feel. According to the bmi chart I should be 8ยฝ stone. If I was that small I would look ill! Now I've toned up my current weight is fine (more than 2st over the guidelines) You've done brilliantly, don't push too hard or you could injure yourself. Happy running๐Ÿƒ

  • Well done on the weight loss, that's fantastic.

    I'd do whatever feels right to you

    But personally having struggled with 5,3. I went onto 6,1 (which I found much easier) and then when it came to the next big one (6,3) I felt ready for the new challenge.

    Whatever you decide, all the best

  • Well done on getting this far! You must be feeling much better now. It's a relief to shed all that weight isn't it. Like a weight has literally been lifted off you. To have it gone means you are now so much more mobile. I know you have a way to go yet but the momentum will take you where you want to be. As you lose the weight you learn more about healthy eating, and the desire to succeed increases.

    Give yourself time to recover from exercise - always have a day or two off. It won't slow up your progress at all, it will help you from injury and fatigue. It sounds like you are doing really well so hang in there!

  • wow. congratulations on all your achievements so far! Take it steady, those rest days are incredibly important for your body to build strength, to adjust to the exercise and to be able to tackle the next exercise session stronger. Keep up the good work- I have lost two stone and thought that a great achievement but nowhere near what you have managed. Whoop! Trumpets ahoy!!!

  • I am thrilled for you that you are doing so well. Keep going - you inpire me.

  • Absolutely wonderful to read. Well done!!

  • Wow, what progress & determination, you sure are working hard! Make sure your body gets rest & recovery time now & then though. I would follow the programme runs in order, but if you've ticked off the week's runs by all means move on, and good luck!! X

  • Is your gym Curves? Or similar.

    Then go for it, it's a totally different form of exercise to running and if your gym days fall on the same days as your running days it shouldn't make you more prone to injury, in fact the strength training should complement the running, helping to work other muscles and helping to prevent injury. But remember your body still needs rest. I find my legs are tired at Curves on a Thursday and Friday as I run in the morning and then go to the gym. On a Monday and Tuesday I don't feel it as much as although I still run first thing I don't gym until after work.

    Anyway, well done on the weight loss, I have personal experience of how hard you have worked for it. And well done on the 20 minutes, feel free to move on to week 6. But remember to take it easy, week 6 is the bogey week, buoyed up by 20 minutes makes lots of people set out too fast and not manage or struggle through the whole run.

  • Yes Beads, it's a curves gym, been there a year now after giving up c25k last year. I've also been on the meal plan for 6 month. Tbh it's killing me lately. I've been this morning and my arms and legs are aching!! It feels nigh on impossible to get my greens ATM and,the computers have upped and upped the challenge. I've told the instructors but they seem to thinking time I'll be able to match the challenge but I don't think they realise how hard it's working me. Anyway well done yourself x

  • It'll take the average of the last 10 workouts and add a bit on, or that's what it's meant to do, to get us working just that little bit harder. But I still cringe and groan when the computer says your pi has increased by......! I love it after a 'bad' day though when it tells me my pi has decreased, but I feel that I'm working the same 'hardness' regardless.

    Stick with the meal plan though, I know it works. That along with MFP. I still track and still use some of the recipes (mmmmm, cosy comfort chilli, red beans and rice) and have been maintaining rather easily, with the odd balance day here and there to combat going out, cake etc.

  • Wow! Huge congratulations to you!!!! I say that if you feel ready for the next run - go for it! Just be safe and listen to your body as well. You should be VERY proud of yourself!

  • Thanks everyone, for the support and luck as well as blowing my trumpet with me x

  • If it helps, its worth remembering that every pound of weight lost equals about 2 pounds of impact force when you jog. Having lost 70 pounds of weight you have also made a massive 140 lbs. reduction in the impact force traveling up through your legs joints. Over time that will really pay off in recovery time. Very important to do some light stretching afterwards as it helps a lot to avoid injury. Very well done and I wish you continued courage!

  • Lol that made no sense to me.........yet. Is it that I'm kinder on my joints now since losing weight. I don't feel it yet haha. I do stretch afterwards although at times I do have pain in my calf during and,after running. Sometimes I wear a compression or tape. Any advice always welcome though. Thanks for the courage.

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