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Couch to 5K
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Needing a bit of help please

Hi i'm Pam, 62 in June and 4 stone to lose before my sons wedding in December. Joined slimming world a week ago and the gym. I've become a couch potato and hate exercise. Last week I went to the gym 5 times upping my walking speed to 4.7kms per hour by day 5 doing 35 mins. Today I have done 3kms in 35mins. Not sure i'll ever have the confidence to run though as haven't run in yesrs. Any suggestions please.

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You will run, I'm sure of it. Slimming world works well, I have lost 3.5stone and I believe it works well as it refocuses you on healthy eating without faddy diet approaches or calorie counting. It just makes sense, eat more of the good stuff and reduce the bad stuff but never starve yourself. SW allows you to eat as many complex carbs as you want as well which is great so on gym or running days make sure you have these, whether it be pasta, wild rice etc as they will give you the running fuel you need. Then make sure you have plenty of clean protein for recovery and muscle building. If you follow the guidance of eating a third to a half a plate of veg with your meals you will see the weight fall off.

Don't try and achieve everything at once.. as the weight comes off your motivations will grow and everything will build together. It's all small steps but you are on the road to make some amazing changes, and i'm confident you will.


Keep at it. Walking is excellent and this programme is designed to take you from the couch to running for 30 minutes after 9 weeks and it works. :)


My suggestion would be to try the first week of the programme and see how it goes. The first runs are only 60 seconds long and you can always stop if it doesn't feel right. One of the great things about this programme is that you go off into a little private world with your own personal trainer in your ear, telling you when to start and stop. Nobody else needs to know what you are up to.

It might be easier to start outdoors as you can just break into a gentle jog and then stop without having to fiddle around with settings on a running machine.

Remember that this programme is aimed precisely at people like us (I'm 57 and a lifelong non-exerciser) , so it should be fine.

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Good advice there 😃👍

I would deffo walk more. Walking is free and a great way to burn calories and get to where we want to go. I walk everywhere these days now I’m off the couch

Thousands of peeps have got off the couch and done C25k. I started it at nearly 57

I am nearly five Stones lighter now. You have to stick at the healthy eating and exercise though. Once you have the tools you know what to do so hopefully can make it a way of life . I lost my weight seven years ago but I was at my WW class this morning.

The programme is walk jog walk and is very gentle. There is absolutely no hurry. Slower the better 😃👍


You can absolutely do this! I have never run and have just completed week 6. I never dreamt I could run for 25 mins but now I can! Stick with it and don’t worry about repeating runs or even weeks if you need to. I have found that really helps and it’s made me enjoy the journey at my own pace. I can’t say I enjoy every run but the feeling of wellbeing is amazing afterwards! I’ve also done a lot of runs on the treadmill in the gym. Mainly because I run early in the morning when it’s dark. Whilst I want to get outside more the treadmill is easier and you may find it easier to start there and then repeat runs outside. I have friends who are doing slimming world and it’s really successful. I am doing c25k mainly for fitness but have lost half a stone with no dieting and just feel way better about myself. Good luck and well done for getting this far.


Hi & welcome! You have made a great start, good for you!😄

I combine SW & C25K & they go well together. I am 58 & new to running. I tried week 1, expecting to repeat it all winter & to my surprise moved on through the program. You can download the podcast and just go along with Laura's voice- she tells you exactly what to do & makes encouraging noises!

This is your journey & you are off to a flying start. You could try week one of the C25K & see how it goes. - Your body will tell you if you are ready for that yet. Walking is great - I often walk on the days I don't run.

You are at the start of an exciting journey all the way to your son's wedding and beyond. 😀


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