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W9r3 tomorrow!

Looking forward to graduation run tomorrow! My hip was sore after R1 this week but managed R2 yesterday and covered 4.52k in 30 mins which is my fastest yet. I'm not trying to get faster as the last 2 mins of both runs this week have been a killer but my speed seems to be increasing naturally. Where to go from here is the next question. I love having Laura giving me regular prompts but can't decide whether to stick with 30 minute runs for a few weeks til I can do 5k In that time or gradually increase my time so will reach the 5k mark sooner. I plan to try the park run at some stage but not til I've done a couple of 5k runs on my own.

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Good luck with the run tomorrow. Look at the C25K + podcasts. I like them as they still have Laura and you can mix them up.


Where do I find the C25k+ podcasts??


Here you go Speed Stamina and Stepping stones


Thanks. I'll check them out.

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Great work, how exciting. I graduated 5 weeks ago and I think it is good to take time to settle into 30 minute runs X 3 times a week. I still haven't managed a 30 minute 5k and not sure everyone ever does, so maybe take one run a week after u settle and run in to 5K. If you keep your pace slow and steady, you should have the stamina to do it in up to 45 minutes or less. Speed will come naturally later


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