OMG - F word made unwelcome appearance!!!

Well I thought it may come, hoped it would not but W7R1 has ended in failure!!! Gutted is an understatement, run started off well enough but at the 15 minute park I started feeling sick and felt like I was getting stitch. I know I haven't drunk nearly enough water today but could that really be the reason? Has anyone else had this or should I just chalk it off as a bad run and try again on Sunday?

All suggestions welcome!!!


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12 Replies

  • Oh yes, hydration will get you! That could definitely be why. Don't be so hard on yourself. You will succeed. Everyone has bad runs. 😃

  • As doubtless plenty of other people will point out, a bad run is not a failure. It's just something that happens from time to time. You learn from it and you're still ahead of people who didn't get off the couch. Next time you'll work more on hydration and it will be fine. Don't let this drag you down. Good luck with the next run.

  • any number of variables can scupper a run. And that's okay. Nothing can scupper a runner though. Get up, get back on it, and don't give up the progress.

  • Don't worry. It happens now and again. It beats the couch anyway. Delete it from you mind. Think of the good ones you had and the even better ones you will have.

  • It happens sometimes, but getting out there and doing it is better than sitting at home. Don't be hard on yourself just get out again and drink water. That bad run is already in your past .... onwards x

  • Hi. Agree with all above but also think about your speed. Make sure you're not going off too fast. Slow and steady wins the race!!! Good luck for the next one. You'll be fine! Xx

  • You are spot on, Toony. Going too fast is the main reason a run ends up shorter than planned. Top advice, Mrs xx

  • Thanks ancientmummy!!! I need to listen to my own advice sometimes!!!! ;) xx

  • I really struggled with w7 but made it eventually although it took me 4 attempts to complete the final run. Just take a deep breath and have another go. Everyone has bad runs at some point. You can do this!

  • You did not fail. You ran a shorter distance than planned.

    It would only be a failure if you do not go out for your next run. Move on to W7r2, make sure that you are hydrated, have slept well and run slowly. Best wishes.

  • Were you secretly unknowingly running a tiny bit faster? I had this problem - runs going fine then a mysterious stitch. I discovered that I was running mildly faster. Definitely try again Sunday!

  • Chin up Mrs Lenny , sometimes these things happen . You have done brilliantly so far, so please dont be hard on yourself :-)

    You will be fine on your next one, I am sure !

    Onwards, always ! :-) xxx

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