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Words can not tell you all how I feel right now.

A few mixed emotions going on right now. Yes I did it, 9 weeks of a roller coaster ride, got off and my legs were still attached yipppppeeee ;-)

Did I tell you all ((((((((((((((((((((((( I DID IT ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I want to thank you all for your support through my journey of the C25K, you really are an awesome bunch, so positive and encouraging. You are all the best!!!!!!

A big thank you to those that were right on my tail throughout





Oh and must not forget Peter who I know has struggled with injury. Keep at it.

Anyone else I have missed Thank you.

Poppy and Miss wobble you have kept me entertained the whole way through. You guys are truely awesome.

Whats next???

well here is my list.. ha ha

To run a 5K race ;-)

To train to run 10k ;-)

To carry on with running clubon a tuesday and lead up to joining in with the endurance runners on a sunday ;-)

To get out there once a week a do a free run with no time, gadgets. Just me and my good ole legs ;-)

To run whilst away on holiday on the beach with the sunset above me ;-)

Oh and to run any other races that I see you guys running in, so I can meet as many of you as I can for real ;-) ha ha.

I think thats enough for now, I am off to get that shiny new badge that has my name on it

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The biggest congratulations and ballons all round. Fantastic - and what a smart list of things to do - brilliant - shiny badge coming your way I suspect. It has been tremendous following your progress. Welcome to The Graduate Club :)


Thank you Runon, I have just ordered my real C25K badge and C25K Berry and Black T-shirt woohoooo. It looks rather splendid in this here graduation club ;-)


Congratulations, well done and all that! Isn't it just the best thing hey, a great club to be in.

I treated myself to that t-shirt too when I graduated :).

And have since found many excuses to buy lots of other gorgeous yummy running gear.

:) xx



Oh B, I am so , so pleased for you !!!!! It has been an absolute joy following your progress on here. Many Congratulations to you, you have been so focused all the way through even when you have been ill you have never faltered .

Really good to hear that you have made some plans already on whats next. That's great, and I am sure that you will achieve them all cos you are a very positive, determined lady .Oh nothing stands in the way of Team B , that's for sure ! :-)

Enjoy your graduation day, be very , very proud of yourself , have a fab day and wear that badge with pride , Missus :-) xxx


Awwwwww thank you Poppy ;-)

It has been your funny posts and encouragement that got me through it. When I felt down or poorly, I just read your posts and that gave me the kick I needed. ;-)

I will achieve them all at some point, and I know when I start to wobble, just get my lovely toned backside on here and that will get me through it ;-)

Thank you, I should be eating cake and drinking wine, but NO this crazy women has decided to lay flooring this weekend and get ready for my two weeks away in Egypt ;-)

Thank you for your fabulous support ;-) x x x


Aw that is so kind of you B, thank you xxxx

I remember the fantastic support I got on here when I started and then graduated , so I just like to pass it on, so to speak :-)

Hey, I am so impressed with you doing all the work on your house yourself B, you must run on Duracell, I honestly don't know how you manage to fit it all in !

You have got a lovely relaxing holiday coming up , so it will give you chance to re-charge them before your next frenzy of activity :-)

Hey a gal's gotta have cake on graduation day , enjoy the rest of your day :-) xxx


Your welcome poppy ;-)

I don't know how I do it sometimes either. I'm constantly on recharge ;-)

This two weeks away could not come soon enough. Can't wait to get my running gear on and run along the beach ;-) x x


Whooooo hooooo! Well done hunnibun - you did it!!! Enjoy the diy. I'll have your cake, then, shall I?


Thank you useitorloseit ;-) errrrrrrrrrr errrrrmmmmm ok go on. Save making crumbs on my newly laid floor when I have finisihed ;-)


Well you've certainly got enough goals to keep you running for AGES !! Well done and many congratulations !


Ha ha I don't do things by half.... I'm learning that today;-)

Thank you ;-)


Fantastic well done Belinda. Great that you have finished and have the shiny badge. Like your plans as well. Bask in your well deserved glory today ;-)


Thank you GF ;-)


Woo Hoo!!!!! Congratulations B, so glad you did it today. You have really helped push me along. Have a fab holiday and I look forward to hearing about your running adventures in Egypt and when you return xxxx


Thank you RK, Awwwww glad to have been a little help. I always knew you could do it ;-)

I will indeed give a holiday running report ;-) x x


WELL DONE! An incredible achievement. I absolutely LOVE your "What's NExt?" list - although I'd love to see where in the world you could run with a sunset ABOVE you!!! Hahaha! (I k now what you meant!)

Once again, welcome to "Da Club Innit"!


Thanks Dan.

Ha ha I knew as soon as I read the post back that the sunset would never be above me ha ha doh@me ;-)

Thanks a great club it is too ;-)


Whoop whoop , well done that is great news! :-) I love your 'what's next list', and all do-able too! Enjoy! x



Thank you. I need goals to keep me motivated. ;-) that list should keep me going for a little while :-) x x


Congratulations! Well done!


Thank you Clara ;-)




Thank you Adidas ;-)


OOh look at that badge! Suits you! Well done for sticking with it, great plan for your future adventures.


Thank you.

Having plans will help me keep motivated ;-)


Oh, finally found your post Belinda! :)

So glad for you! Well done, congratulations, and HOORAY!!!

:D :D :D


Thank you..... How's your injury? Any better yet? X x


Congratulations !:)

I am sure you are still in the celebration mood ! Enjoy it

Let us know which 10k plan are you gonna follow, I am looking for one too ! :)


Thank you. Well done to on your graduation run. ;-) I will sort out a plan when I am back off holiday and let you know ;-)


Hey sorry I missed your announcement but big congratulations on your shiny badge :)


Thank you ejbirdy ;-)


Hey, sorry for the late response - I didn't get online over the weekend.

Congratulations on your graduation run!! Am really pleased for you :D :D

Hopefully I'm back on track now (started week 4 yesterday), so should be joining you in the graduate club in a few weeks time.

Hope you're not going to disappear from the forum and forget us little people now you've got you la-di-dah graduation badge? ;)


Thank you peter ;-)

Glad to hear your back on track. ;-) I will keep the bubbly on ice ready for you ;-)

I won't be disappearing from here no way. This is where it all began for me ;-)

I won't be on much though in the next two weeks as off my holiday ;-)


Hope you have a nice holiday - bring me back a stick of rock ;)


Ha ha thank you. They don't do sticks of rock on Egypt I could bring you back cleopatra? Ha ha ;-)


ooh t'Egypt eh? Be a bit warm for running there I should think.

Are you doing the pyramids, valley of the kings etc? Or just dossing about round a pool at an all inclusive resort? ;)


I plan on running either early morning or late evening along the beach as it's right outside our hotel. I'm not doing pyramids or anything this time done all that in January and May ;-) this time is just to relax and enjoy the chill out time off work and life ;-)


Love to see someone complete their journey and make plans for the next. I love 'whilst away on holiday on the beach with the sunset'

Well done you! I can't wait to feel the way you do too!


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