Oh my word - what a struggle

I know what broke my run, but I don't know how it broke it so badly. I ran on my lunch break, and was in the last minute of the first of the 5 minute runs, when my phone rang and cut off my podcast. Knowing it was my wife, I slowed to a walk and answered. I had a very short conversation with her - about 40 seconds - and when she hung up, the podcast restarted and I started running again.

But it was gone! I could barely run after that. I did push through and finish the runs, but I was so slow, so tired, and ached all over. It was going so well until the phone rang. I'm really starting to doubt myself.


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  • It's a bad run, it happens and the next one will be better. I had a bad day on Monday where I just about managed 10 minutes of a 28 minute run, having done three 25 minute runs the previous week. I was tired but I tried anyway. Last night I nailed it :)

  • Thanks Caroline. That's encouraging to me. I do find some days randomly easier than others, but today I really thought 'I can''t do this' for the first time. (Deep down I know I can - mostly because of all the people on here who do it)

  • It's horrible when it happens though cause you feel defeated! That's why this place is so good, I wouldn't be this far without it.

  • We ALL have those "practice" runs every now and then. :) Please don't give it any more significance than that it's just "one of those things" that happen occasionally. We are not machines and some days just don't work as well as we want them to :)

  • Thanks John. I struggle with "practice" (or the banned word that shall not be spoken). But hey this program is going to get me where I want to be!

  • Slow it may be, steady it may be - but it 'do be' onward and upward ;)

  • It's just "One of those 'runs' that you 'get; now and then.. you don't know just where and you don't know just when " ( Apologies to jimmy Durante) :)

    We all get them..so try not to doubt yourself :) If you felt tired and ached after you started again, too, you could have a little bug, have been a bit hungry, anything, really!

    I had to make an effort this morning... a little bit of a manic day yesterday and did not sleep brilliantly..but I did manage to get out there...:)

    So.. this one goes down as a practice run and you make sure you feel on form for the next run.. steady and slow is the way to go :) x

  • Thanks Oldfloss. I can't give up thankfully, as I've signed up to a race (in June) and told everyone about it

  • That's the way.. gives us motivation :)

  • Sometimes just being pulled out of the right mental headspace makes it hard to get back there. But you stuck at it and got through the run, and next time will be better. :)

  • How the head affects everything else is unbelievable isn't it!

  • Sometimes, it would be nice to switch things off,, which is why I love my field runs, where I can really just get lost.. :)

  • If I could get out in the light this evening, I'd be going for a field run too. But sadly it'll be dark by the time I can go, so the fields will have to wait for my weekend run... They're starting to look ever so green and yellow now. :)

  • But you will be running :)

    The fields are beginning to show a spark of Spring.. it lifts the heart and soul :)

    Have a good run anyway... :) The weekend is not too far ahead... I think I am aiming for a Saturday one this weekend ..going to be sunshine apparently :)

  • My main challenge is going to be actually getting out this evening. DD2 has gym until 8.30, so by the time we're home and she's packed off to bed, I've usually lost the will. But DD1 has been stressful enough that at the moment I'm usually longing to escape...! :-\

  • Hang in there... hard I know.. I have two daughters.. one a dream.. the other.. well...

    You will feel better for it ... :) xx

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