That F word....again!

Well, I tried again and failed....again! I've done this "*'**@# run twice (w7r3) so why can't I manage it the third time? I'm so cross with myself. I've tried changing the route, going slower ( if I go any slower I'll be going backwards!), telling myself I can do it but all to no avail. Can't do it. So I've decided to run w6 again and come back to it after that. 😡


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15 Replies

  • Id give W8R1 a go before going back a week.

  • O no! 😩 keep the faith... You have come so far

  • MMM I have said the F word myself tonight, and I know how frustrating it can be when YOU know you can do it but have a bad run. I agree keep on going and see how week 8 is. Tell those gremlins to get lost.


  • Sounds like a plan. You could just be a bit under the weather though so don't be too hard on yourself. Fingers crossed for your next run. You can do it!

  • I did a 5K FunRun a while back and what kept me going was 1) to be in a run where everyone was waiting at the finish line, 2) to have hubby stopping the car three or four time along the road to take picture of me running. 3) to have told a few people what I was doing. I just could not stop. I did not want to be embarassed publically and had no choice but to push myself and finish it. And then.... Yippee.... I did it....

    What I am saying is : to put yourself in a situation where you have no choice but to do it, so as not to lose face

  • Oh, how frustrating for you. How far into the run do you get before it gets too much? Also is it breathing or legs that are causing the problem? T

  • Bit of both tara-j. I've done the run twice so I know I can do it but just can't crack the the third one. I think I've got mind gremlins!! My legs just stop going after about 5 minutes. Its making me so cross and frustrated. I'm going to have one more try at it and if I fail drop back and repeat week 6. Thanks for all the support folks, I couldn't do it without you!

  • You aren't alone we all struggle! I graduated on Saturday and then went for a run yesterday, I thought I was going to have to give up after 15 mins, my calves were so tight...and I felt I was plodding and when I looked at my time I was!

    My breathing was all over the place as I set off to fast, but after 15 minutes I did manage to get the breathing calmed down and my legs warmed up...and I will go out tomorrow and do it all again! Maybe moving on is the thing to can always drop back if you need to. Or do the run again but build a short walk in the middle of the running section... I think it is more important that you keep moving than keep moving at the running speed?

  • Go for it pampaddy , get the mind set I cannot fail I am going to beat this !!! Good luck .I have wk 7 run 2 tomorrow and I run 1 kept thinking I'm not going to make this then pushed on and suddenly Laura is telling me 60 secs to go so speed up if I can and guess what I speeded up and my god that felt great.

    So going from thinking not going to complete it to sprinting at the end I felt Id really accomplished something.

    Our mind is a powerful tool but sometimes can be a pain when it creates that mental block.

    Just think of all us pushing you on GO GO GO for it xxxxx

    Best of luck

  • I'm on a rest day today but tomorrow I will try again with your voice in my head instead of the Gremlins, I CAN do this and I WILL do this! Not sure about the sprint at the end though!!! lol

  • Go for it xx Just completed Wk 7 run 2 and must admit it was hard work put it down to had 7yr old son with me on his bike who kept talking all the way round and wanting answers lol xx and had to wait til pm as rained heavy all morning. Much prefer to get up and go, but pushed on and got it done and even managed a slight sprint at the end .

    The end did feel good today , but on and upwards , I WILL NOT GIVE IN xxx

  • The thing is, you have already done this run 3 times as week7 is the same length of time as week6 run 3. As you rightly said, this is all in your head.

    Rather than get frustrated by the run, do something extreme - go out and run week1 run1 but when you get to the cool down instead of doing that, start your w7r3. It took me a long while to finally banish the head gremlins and a big part of doing it was making myself realise how far I had come. You are doing brilliantly. You are so close to graduating. Don 't beat yourself up over not having a perfect run. You are running! How great is that. Relax. You have this. You can do it.

  • I had the week 7 gremlins too. Took me three weeks to manage it. I refused to go back to 6 and just carried on. Once I'd done two I moved onto week 8 just to get rid of it!!

    Move on I say, if you've done it twice you'll be sorted.

    You will do it!!! Keep going xx

  • I know this sounds counter intuitive, but sometimes when I feel really tired and my legs are refusing to work, I up my pace for ten seconds or so, and just go as fast as I can. It seems to wake my system up and makes the next km or so a lot easier. But I agree you should just move on to week 8, and not get hung up on just one run, which you already know you can do. Onwards and upwards!

  • We all have bad days, today I found the 30 mins a real challenge

    I would move on - you know you can do it - so try wk 8 - you may surprise yourself

    just imagine we're all running right behind you

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