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Running with a cold/sore throat


do you carry on running with a cold/sore throat?

I have had a bad cold and sore throat all week but if I didn't get some fresh air I think I would have slept all day!

Wasn't sure I'd make a full 30 min run so tried the 20 min run from week 5. Have done that 3 times this week. Still snotty but think i feel better for keeping some exercise.

Back to full 30 minutes next week :)

What do others do?

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Yep we generally keep running if the symptoms are above the neck. Running when your'e particularly snotty really helps clear the problem. Take a huge great hankie and you'll be amazed at how productive your run will be (eek too much information!)

If you feel like death warmed up then maybe a day or two off would be best, but as soon as you are eating normally and feel generally a bit more alert then go for a run. It doesn't have to be strenuous. Just a light jog round the block will probably suffice

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Working up a sweat is a actually good for fighting colds. A bit like an artificial fever. Anything more serious like the flu is different and requires complete rest and recovery.


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