Couch to 5K

44C - AND a head cold!

For the past two days , it has gotten to 44C here - and we were camping for the weekend. I managed to get in a short and easy ( except for the hills) 6K early yesterday morning 4.30AM when it was "only" 25C Had a rest today but had planned to have a run tomorrow - when it will be cooler ( predicted 30C) but I can now feel a head cold coming on - sore throat, etc. :(

I think I might pretend that this week hasn't happened.

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Oh no. That's some temperature Bazza well done for getting out there. Hope you feel better soon


Blimey Bazza! Take it easy in that heat and with a cold. Sounds like you need loads of fluids and paracetamol and, of course, TLC. xx


blimey thats flipping hot, I would really struggle to run in that let alone walk! Could you put your running stuff in the freezer before you go out? Or do you fancy a swop? I could do with some heat!!!


Well, nobody but idiots ( and you do see them!) go out during the day in heat like that. It wasn't too bad between 4.30 and 5.30AM ( the actual time of my run) but it didn't last long and soon became ridiculous yesterday. A friend had one of those thermometer "guns" - used in the electrical industry to detect overheating electrical joints - I think they would on using a laser which detects the vibration of the air molecules - anyway, the ground ( grass/dirt) temp where we were camped was 55C . I don't think you would like that!! :)


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