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Difference when it's cold

I went out for my run this morning and it's the coldest run so far. I did my normal fast 8 min warm up walk. Threw my arms around a bit to get everything moving. Then set off. Just after the 1k. My calves started seizing up. I kept running for a while then I had to stop and stretch them out for about 40 sec. I finished my 30 min run and was ok after that. Was it down to the cold do you think or getting over my cold. If it's the cold what's the best way to stop it happening again? Any suggestions please.

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Could be just one of those things or that you are not 100%.

I only ever do 5 min warm ups (sometimes a bit less and start running a bit more slowly). Today was my first frosty and, in places, icy run. I wore running tights, warm zippered top, light running jacket and light gloves. Gloves came off first and then the zips came down. I crossed paths with a runner wearing vest, shorts and hat! It really is experiment with what suits you and whether you are a warm or cold person. Possibly make sure you wear layers that can be undone or tied around your waist.

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Thanks I will definitely work not the layers. I have gloves but it seems a learning curve.


Sometimes runs are just difficult... Because essentially running is really hard!!!!! Well done you and don't feel bad, guaranteed the next time you get out there you will find your inner panther and just love it....


Thanks I hope it will get better. I know I have a panther somewhere.


Difficult to know just what caused it, but I am going to say something slightly off-topic in my reply. Wear long legs that cover your knees. These little blighters take so much pounding that if you don't look after them you may be off running for a very long time.

Good luck.and keep running


Thanks, I know what you mean. I had put on my longer leggings for the run. But maybe I need slightly thicker ones, they are just a longer version of my summer ones. I will see how it goes the next really cold run.


It's strange; some people just run in shorts year-round with no problems; others layer-up and most are inbetween. I suspect that as a relative nowbie myself, I will find what is best over time. What I do know is that knees can really hurt and I want to look after mine, so long legs and tights underneath if I need them will become the order of the day on Dartmoor.


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