How do people run with their phone?

I did my first 2 runs in week one by stuffing my iPhone down my sports bra! The phone got moisture on it from my sweat - yuck! So, before my 3rd run, I bought an arm band to hold my phone (and also a set of keys although I'm still nervous about my keys falling out and losing them)!

Is this how most people run or do you guys have other ideas out there about how to hold your phone (and keys) whilst running? My running outfit does not have pockets.


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31 Replies

  • Personally I use a bum bag

  • I hate the arm band thing! Pinches my arm and feels like it has to be tight so like having my blood pressure measured! You can buy running belts,mi love mine as it is big enough for my key and phone, that works for me!! If u have some running trousers, there's usually a cool zip up pocket at the back under the waistband where u cd put ur key

  • I'm with Joolie on this one (Joolie rocks :) ). I swear by my flat running belt from Decathlon. you can put the cables from your headphone cables under your top, through your running bra, and everything is under control and safe from falling/getting covered in sweat/tangled up. I tried putting my phone in that pocket thing on my sleeve recently, it drove me nuts.

  • I use a belt when I go for longer runs but because it holds small water bottles too, but otherwise I very quickly made sure that all my kit has pockets large enough for my phone. At the moment Aldi has got sone running stuff and the long sleeved midlayer top (the female version is brink pink, not everyone's cup of tea, but it may be more visible as it gets darker) has a brilliant zip pocket in the side seam - might be worth having a look at :-)

  • Awesome, thank you.

  • I have got one of these which works very well .

  • Ive got these and they are too small for my phone I have to fight with the thing to get the phone in. I have a moto g which is smaller than an iphone but i use a bum bag in the cold weather to stuff gloves, hat, phone, keys etc.

  • Weird, my iPhone 6 is fine !

  • I use a soft vinyl spectacles case like this It clips to either my running belt or waistband of my short (at my side) . They are readily available (almost give away) and I find that they do the job marvelously and allow me easy access to the phone.

  • I wear my glasses to get Runkeeper going but then hold them while I run, thanks for sharing a great idea!!

  • I used to do exactly that. Now all my running bottoms have pockets. And my new long sleeved top from Aldi has a massive pocket. I put my keys in the pocket and my phone in my armband. It works for me.

  • I use a running belt but it is Lycra and has no bulky clip to do it up. It was called a limber stretch. Loads of pockets and easy to get phone in and out during a run! Love it!

  • I kept my iPod stuffed down my bra for a long time until sweat seeped in and damaged the screen. I had a hard plastic phone cover which I now use to keep my iPod or phone in and stuff that down my bra instead! Keeps sweat out and I don't notice it. I leave my keys under a pot in the front garden!

  • I have a really slim bum bag which I got from a running shop and it holds my phone, keys, tissue and 2x £ coins (to get the bus home if I am too tired - ha).

  • I use a running belt. It has 2 pockets - I use one for my key, the other for my phone. I know other people use the arm bands.

  • One of the best bits of kit I got last year is my flipbelt we call it my bat belt, it's really comfortable to wear either on the waist or sitting on the hip under clothing or over it.

    It also works well when we go to theme parks when you have to leave your bag beside the ride -purse, phone and key stay safely attached!

  • My list, in order of preference, is...

    1. Pockets, flat the my body without extra room for stuff to slip about

    2. Camelbak backpack with all straps done up (but it does get sweaty and seems unnecessary for shorter runs. On the other hand, if I leave the water out I can use it to run to the shops for essentials!)

    3. Bumbag, but it slips about and twists itself round and is all kinds of pain in the neck, as well as a bum bag.

  • I had the same problem - was tucking my phone into my trousers at first but that wasn't going to work for long, wasn't really interested in armbands and wanted something lightweight so in the end I got this small running belt. It just about fits my phone and a door key. For my car keys I use the back pocket of my running leggings - and now it's getting colder I wear a jacket too which has pockets!

    This post might be of interest - there were quite a few replies to it!

  • It depends if you want to be able to see your phone as you run. If not, a belt is good. If you do, a wrist band rather than an armband is good - this one has a zip pocket so you can keep a key or a few coins safely It works well for me.

  • I left door key at home today and my wife let me in, also left Parkrun barcode at home! 😕 so couldn't get a time, dohh😢good job I didn't forget the Garmin!😀

  • I would never keep an iPhone/pod down my bra as don't trust the electro magnetics not to have an effect on my breast health. Belt is a good investment

  • I usually wear a pair of baggy shorts with zip up pockets but because of winter and getting a pair of running pants that has 1 very small pocket at the back I will be taking a bum bag with me and hoping that doesn't distract me to much, hope this helps,

    Take care,

    Siobhan x

  • I have a pouch on a lanyard for mine. You'd think it would swing about all over the place but it doesn't seem to.

    But then, I don't travel light as I also have a shoulder bag with dog treats and whistle (it also has room for my wallet and purse if I've been somewhere else with my normal bag beforehand so I am not leaving valuables in the car) plus Dicky Bag for the dog which holds her 'offerings' and spare bags.

    Sometimes I use my Onyaback (I did in the early days of C25K when I sometimes had a hoody I wanted to strip off) which is a very lightweight backpack, and that has a port for headphones to go through.

  • I have a pocket in my running leggings where I keep my keys; it's really helpful.

  • hiya

    Well simple solution is to by a jacket ?top with a zip in...and I would leave your fone at home!!

  • I'm using my iphone to play the c25k audio.

  • Thanks y'all. I think it's a matter of trial and error to see what works for me! I like the idea of a lanyard (under my top to stop it moving too much). I can experiment with keeping my keys attached to that and see if it works for me. Cheaper than buying new clothing for now! I'm also experimenting with my newly purchased armband. 1 run with it so far and it felt ok.

  • I have a Boden running jacket which has a phone pocket inside, and holes to feed my headphones through. And Zip pockets for emergency rations and keys. I bought it as a christmas present for myself! When the weather got a bit warmer, I wore it with the sleeves tied around my waist so the phone stayed put. But for the summer I bought a Quad Lock sports armband, which is brilliant. You get a case for the phone with the locking mechanism on the back. Then you can use it with all their other fittings ( I have one on my bike ). My son has a different phone - he has his own quad lock case for it, but it fits on my armband, so he borrows it. Or did. Now he's gone up to University, he's taken it with him, so I've had to buy another one….

    And yes, in the summer I did have to invest in a pair of running leggings with a little zip up pocket at the back.

  • I use this one, it works well for phone one side, keys the other:

  • Very interested in the responses to this, so Thanks for asking the question Abby!

    I have an enormous iPhone 6+ so I leave it at home and use an old iPod.

    But I'd like to use The phone because the strava app looks like fun!

    Thinking of buying a belt? No bumbags for me, too daggy

  • For me there are three options, an arm band holder but I have lost mine, in the autumn and winter I have a gilet with a pocket, with earphones that have a long lead, or finally get a waterproof phone Samsung Z3 so moisture is not an issue.

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