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How do you carry your keys etc?!

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Hello! I'm a complete running novice and until now (week 5) have been jogging along in a sporty tshirt and tracksuit bottom with a fleecy jacket that I put my house keys / phone etc in. Now that its getting warmer I am wondering how I will carry these types of 'essential' items when I no longer want to wear a jacket? Can anyone reccomend what works best... I've considered a bum bag type thing but wondered if it might be distracting to have it bumping about?

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I did my first run on saturday and put my house key down my bra :) and my phone etc in my pocket. All the way round I was worried about it falling out so today I went to sports direct and got myself a running belt - its not as big as a bum bag and will hold my phone and my house key. I'm going to give it a try tonight.

I bought myself a tiny addidas pouch, can fit keys, emergency whistle, phone, a flexible water pouch and dog treats in it! It doesn't bounce around and is quite comfortable to wear. I tried an armband phone/key pouch but didn't find it easy to use.

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Karrimor do one that is basically just a belt with a zip in it, nothing to bounce (Sports Direct had them), I have a tiny zip for my keys in the back of my Nike running leggings.

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I bought the Karrimor one (half price at the moment in Sports Direct) at £4.99 Its a little bum bag type thing and fits my phone that I listen to the podcasts on and my keys and lipbalm:)

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I place my phone in my bra and if I must take a key, I attach it with a large safety pin to my clothing. Whatever you do, don't give your keys to your 14 year old to hold for safe keeping at an organized run. She will be so excited to see you finish, she will jump out of the car and lock the keys inside. :-( :-) Gayle

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AnniemurphGraduate in reply to gdeann

:D (sorry!)

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mason73Graduate in reply to gdeann

that just made me laugh out loud and scare my two year old good your daughter was excited x

in reply to gdeann


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Oh dear! Sorry, I laughed out loud too! Bet that caused some frayed nerves!

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I've got an armband for my phone and a pocket in my Nike capris for my keys, ooh it rhymed! Used to carry my phone in my hand for the first few runs and found I was getting shoulder ache!


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I began with with my house key on a lanyard around my neck tugged under my fleece so it wouldn't bounce around. Iphone would safety pinned into my fleece pocket which was a bit of a faff. I now use an "audio bag" from Sports Direct. Basically it's just large enough for my iphone and my door key in two separate pockets.

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What a great question and one I have been deliberating over too. I like the look and idea of the 'flipbelt' someone posted the other day just not the price!!!!

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I have a wrist karrimor bag for my keys. It cost 2.99 and its just ideal.

I find bum bags annoying, they ride up and bounce around.

I've always had a pair of shorts with pockets, and put my keys inside a sock in one pocket so they didn't dig in, and my phone in the other pocket.

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Key down my bra, phone in an armband, tissue in the back pocket of my leggings - oh, and I also run with a sweatband on my wrist :D

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Just bought one of the running belts yesterday. Belfast marathon, one week away!!! And was worried how I could carry my phone. I am running in the relay and need to contact my next runner. Haen't tried it out yet, but from what you all say, it will work great.

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greenlegsGraduate in reply to MaryDerry

ooo - good luck with your bit of the relay!

wow! Thanks for all the answers guys.. I will be looking up the Sports Direct site in a minute!

Gayle - I dont have a 14 year old but I have made the mistake of giving my door keys to my 6 year old before... he posted them through the letter box!!!

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greenlegsGraduate in reply to MichelleLondon

Noooooooooo! Reminds me of the Alfie and Annie-Rose story - though I think Alfie is on the inside...

I tie my key into the drawstring of my trackies! Luckily I mostly run when husband is at home so just leave the door on the latch...he never hears me as he is usually playing guitar! I never take my phone but then I never take my phone anywhere! I have an armband for my ipod.

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Karrimor knee-length running tights (cheap from Sports Direct) have got a tiny zip pocket in the middle of the waistband at the back. I got a new house key cut so I don't have to take the whole bunch of keys with me, and just slip that into the little pocket and zip it up when I go. Can't even feel it is there when running.

My phone also goes in my bra but I've ordered a bumbag now because I run beside a busy road and it doesn't look cool when I need to get my phone out to check my times on endomondo. I was also thinking about getting my dog a wee backpack so he can carry my stuff but I don't think it would be good for him on warm days.

I got a bum bag from sports direct with a place for a small bottle which came with it. It doesn't move or bounce around. Good luck.

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I have two running belts (get me! ;) ) - simply cos I lost the first one, bought a new one, then found the first one. I loooove my original one - it's neoprene, which means it can be adjusted to fit snugly, then stays put; the main pocket has clear touch-screen-friendly plastic for my phone, and there's a little pocket behind that which is perfect for a single key and a couple of poo bags for the dog.

The replacement was the cheap Karrimor one, and I have to say I don't like it. The band isn't stretchy at all, so I find that for where I want to wear it, it doesn't stay put at all but rides up and starts jiggling around.

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A belt would just remind me of how much work there still is to do around that area. I carry my stuff in an Onyaback which is a very lightweight backpack. I forget I have it on sometimes. My phone is in a separate neck pouch - still looking for the right armband. I do not travel very light as I often go out when I have my full bag with me so I remove my purse and wallet and take those with me in the bag. then there's the Muksak across my chest for the dog poo (with an Onya DumpIt attached for the spare bags) and the dog lead...

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I was given an armband (Karrimor) with a headband for my secret santa to work, so use that for my phone if I have a long sleeve top on. Can't be bothered to separate my house key every time so I wear a cycling t shirt with pockets on the back, so keys, tissues, warrant card & glasses go in them.

Also have a couple of Davina's exercise tops from last years sale at Next, they both have phone size pockets with slits for the earphones... :-)

I have an arnband for my iPhone, which also has a small zip pocket in it. But even better than that I have a Karrimor trainer pocket for my key. This is really cool, it's a zipped neoprene pouch which clips onto your trainer laces, about half the size of a pocket pack of tissues. It easily fits a key, and even a couple of quid for your bacon buttie from the cafe on the corner on the way home...

Oh. Just me then? ;)

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I have discovered that my trainers, my gloves and my arm band for my iphone all have a key pocket in them so no extra gear needed...

I've got an ellesse pouch which I use when skiing, it has a little elastic band on it and slips on your wrist.

I use a fanny pack. Holds my keys and my ipod.

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