How do you hold/carry your phone/iPod/etc while running?

Hi, I'm looking for recommendations on carriers for (in my case) iPhones while running? Sorry if this has been asked many times before.

I don't like the idea of feeling weighed down or constricted by a waistband or armband - are there any really lightweight options? Armband also sounds a bit fiddly. I imagine there are clips to go on shorts but I'd be concerned they'd pull my shorts down!

So far I've been either carrying my iPhone in my hand the whole way (but it's getting a bit sweaty now), or, more recently, I've been tucking it in to the waistband of my shorts but it's tending to not stay put. I want something that I won't notice but will do the job!

What do you wear? Links appreciated!

Thanks in advance :) Love this forum.


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25 Replies

  • Not sure there is any way to carry an iphone round with you without noticing :-)

    I know you say don't want an armband, but I have a wristband that someone else here recommended and it's been great for me as it meant I could still look at the phone and operate it without having to fiddle it out from a pocket and it's easier than holding it on the hand.

  • Thanks for the link - you're right of course, I won't be able to not notice it completely! A wristband sounds interesting.

  • I first tried an armband - hated it and couldn't operate it

    Then I tried a belt, but can't find it now

    I have used a pair of shorts with a zipped pocket in the rear which works, BUT it gets pretty sweaty. No good solution for me yet.

  • Surely I'm not the only woman who sticks her phone in her bra (and her house keys).

    I've lost a lot of fullness in the chesticles region since I started this running business. Perhaps I should buy a new bra...

  • No I do that too, I ran 10k yesterday at Olympic park with my iPod down my bra

  • I like the idea but I don't think my boobs aren't big enough for that!

    Don't think it would stay put either. ;) & I'm not convinced sweat wouldn't be an issue...

  • You're right to be concerned about the sweat! I used to run with my iPhone down my bra and it was very comfortable. Unfortunately my phone ended up being waterlogged, stopped working and I had to get a replacement phone. I was too embarrassed to to explain the real reason my phone had got so wet when I took it to the Apple shop!! I now wear it in a pocket on the side of my capris and it doesn't pull them down at all.

  • I use a karrimor belt from sports direct, it was really cheap. It has 2 pockets for keys, tissues and MP3. iPhone would fit in. I don't even notice it's there and stays in place

  • Hi Sarah, I bought an 'Ultimate Performance' waist band from Amazon. I have to say I don't find it heavy or restrictive, in fact I bearly notice it, if at all. It has 2 pockets, one where I keep my keys and a pocket with a little hole for my phone and ear phones. The pockets aren't massive, but do the job for me.

  • Hi, I use a long pocket, but my daughter wears hers in her Bra, she has a shock absorber with a sort of pocket in it.

    I have a shock absorber but no where to tuck mine in, mind you I am large in the chest region.XX

  • Sorry, it's a bit simple for me now. I don't carry anything. My soundtrack is going content of my head!

  • If it is cold enough, I just put it in my pocket in my running hoodie or jacket.

    Now that weather is warmer and my runs are longer(I am training for Half Marathon in October),I use the pocket in my hydration belt.

    If you don't like belts you could try a pouch that clips with magnets on your waistband. I have one from RooSport.

  • I have two armbands, one cheap as chips (around £2.50) from ebay which is spongy and comfotable but no good in the rain as the end doesn't fully close. Second is an extremely lightweight one from Decathlon, which is like a small ziplock. Not as comfortable as it is mainly plastic but does the job in the rain.

    I do find them a faff though, not something you can easily look at and adjust during the run, but if it is all set up before you start you don't notice it after a few minutes.

  • Morning!

    Like you, I didn't like the idea of a belt - and when I tried an armband it was indeed fiddly and a pain. I was also scared of catching the sun and ending up with a funny shape on one arm! :D

    I do have a couple of capri trousers with pockets in, which is my preferred option, but these are hard to come by for some reason (I've had them for years!)

    A while back I purchased a Flipbelt, which is pretty good, they are not supposed to move but mine rides up a bit during my runs. But I think that's to do with my shape! Other than that it's brill, and unless you're a curvy shape like me it should stick in place quite well. They are quite pricey, but there's nothing else like it on the market I don't think. :)

  • I got a Flipbelt copy from Amazon...

  • Ooh I like that Onestep , very tidy that . I have a bum bag if I am doing a 10k . It looks like I'm off on my holidays with all the stuff I pack into it :-) xxx

  • I have a arm band thingy it was cheep from eBay it has Velcro so not fiddly, it's annoying at first but you soon forget about it.

  • If you see long runs in your future, then you're probably going to have to carry water at some point anyway.

    I use this one, and it works great, not annoying and doesn't move much.

    I use it for all runs, don't necessarily drink the water, but in this warm weather I frequently end up dousing myself with it.

  • Another idea is to make your own little pocket inside your leggings. I did this recently with a pair of capris that I love but they don't have a pocket and I needed somewhere for a key! So I made my own from a spare piece of fabric I had lying around and hey presto!

  • I use a little workout belt I bought for £2.50 in Primark a few months ago so not sure if they still sell it! It's made of similar material to Lycra so isn't bulky and I can wear it inside the waistband of my leggings so it stays in place and doesn't bounce about at all. I just have to make sure I have my playlist or podcast and volume ready before I run so I don't have to go rummaging down my bottoms in public! ;-)

  • The best solution I have found is a travellers wallet that you hang round your neck and wear inside clothes. Mine has 2 sections, 1 of which is divided. The undivided section holds phone, the other holds emergency cash, house key and ParkRun card, and a couple of tissues. It worked best in the winter, when I could layer it between my base and outer layers. Now, wearing looser lightweight tops, it bounces a bit but doesn't really bother me. I also run with a D shaped water bottle in hand. On the few occasions I have run somewhere needing my car and therefore car key, I have used a bigger waist held travellers wallet, but don't particularly like it.

  • Thanks everyone for your suggestions! Lots to consider! :)

  • well initially I tried supergluing it to my forehead.. which worked well , except you cant see when you want to change anything.. removing it with a chisel at the end of the run was slightly stinging too.. and did leave a small kind of gouge in your forehead.. so probably best avoided.. then I tried stapling it to the fleshy park of my bum/thigh.. worked well.. blood loss did make me a teensy bit light headed as I ran..

    eventually I settled on a runners t shirt someone had brought me for christmas which came with armband that holds it in place... set phone running, put it in arm pocket, hold it in place with armband.. no idea about who makes the tshirt thingy.... hey I'm a man, I have no idea about labels!! .. but i guess easy to find..


  • QuadBandit is a great option if your running shorts have pockets

  • I just went out for a run and after a while of struggle, i found it good to wear a thin jumper and roll up the sleeves and put you phone on the tight bit of you sleeve, then you earphones can run up your shoulder and if you need your phone its on your arm, you can sometimes feel it if it comes loose, but if you get it tight enough its shouldnt feel annoying or bad

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