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Week 9 Run 3 Done !!!!

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After having to postpone my final run at the weekend due to some niggling injuries, I am delighted to have finished my C25K journey. Ran 5k in 31.26 mins tonight and now need to work on breaking the 30 minute barrier, my PB is 30.55 so a little bit of work still to be done !! If anyone has some tips or programs that could help get me up to the magical 10K distance, then I would be very grateful. Please can I get my Graduate Badge ? :)

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Thats fantastic...and a good time too...well done!!

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Thanks juicyju !!

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Very well done and congratulations:-)

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Very well done. I am doing my final run tomorrow and am also interested in further program's. Don't seem to be having much luck finding them.

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Well done! Congratulations on graduating in fine style. You have to apply for your badge by following the link to the right hand side of the scree, blue text >>>>>>>>>>>>> can you see it?

I did Sami Murphy's Bridge to 10 k podcasts to take me from c25k to 10k. Music is far better. She is a bit quiet but tough! She tells you when to walk for a minute and when to run but she doesn't chat. You can download the podcasts from here on C25k

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Oh! Forgot to say, you would be well advised to complete the three Steppings Stones trio of runs - Stepping Stones, Stamina and Speed (all with Laura!) These are good! I like to mix and match them and run them often. They are also downloadable from this site

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Thanks everyone, and Thanks miss wobble for the above information, I will check it out.

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Well done! It is a great feeling to graduate. My tips for running faster - careful planning of a playlist with a few 'fast' tracks that you know make you pick up your pace. Also, if you have a friend who is a good runner, get them to run ahead of you - you will want to keep up. Using an ap like Runkeeper or Wahoo to check your average pace is also helpful as you can see if the early mms will allow you to 'make it' in 30 mins. Give yourself easy goals - e.g. 10 second improvement per run. That being said, I have gone back to 'slow' running and interval training as I am working on getting my heart rate down; speed is one goal but there are others that are fun to work on once you have graduated. Good luck and let us know when you do it.

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Excellent, well done, enjoy the next challenge x

Well done and congratulations. Best wishes.

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Congratulations! Your graduation badge looks great :) enjoy your post graduation runs now

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Congratulations. Just got my badge today as well. I made my own playlist and with the help of a bpm counter pushed a little quicker for each run of week 9 until all the stops today.

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Brilliant ... well done!

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Well done. Nice to see the badge!!! I'm a week or so ahead of you. I'm using the 5k plus podcasts to help me break the 5k in 30min barrier - we both seem equally close! Then I also want to do 10k. May look at the "Bridge to 10k" podcasts, although they have mixed reviews. I've felt on the last couple of runs that I could have gone further, so maybe I'll just find some music and add a coupe, of mins each week - then only 15 weeks to 10k :)

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Chris14Graduate in reply to JHarveyL

Thanks for the info and the encouragement , keep me posted on how the 10k training is going !! :)

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JHarveyLGraduate in reply to Chris14

So, did an "accidental" 10k tonight (If I include the warm-up and down walks). I'm staying awaty from home and had woerked out a 6k circuit of the Olympic Park/village and wondered to myself how far round a second lap I could get. I've been doing the 5k+ podcasts, so did the Stepping Stones one (30mins running) until the start of the warm down and then started the W5R3 run as I thought I'd do another max 20mins. So, I did a 5 mins walk to let me lungs and legs recover then set off again to see how far I could get . . . . . and just kept going! Hit 10k just at the end of the warm down walk, 1hr 10 mins in total, so not a bad pace overall :)

Well done just done my Wk9 run 3 yesterday. Probably still shy of 5K but find I am naturally speeding up run by run.

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