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Week 9, Run 3 - done!!!!!

Yay, I'm so excited this morning. After hurting my ankle at the beginning of the week I didn't know when this moment might come (it should have been on Friday). However, after buying a neoprene ankle support I felt able to try running and thus completed Run 2. I wanted my graduation run to be something epic, but being here in hilly Cornwall on holiday all the runs I could map out either went up steep hills or across waterlogged no mans land (I'd left my orienteering gear at home lol). So in the end I had the most boring run of all - I ran up and down the 1/2km track outside the farm we're staying at, many, many times!!

But I DID IT!!

Like most people have said, when I started this program nine weeks ago I was shocked to finish the first run. I'm now 52, have never ever run before, been overweight all my life, a perfect candidate for C25K! When I completed W5R3 I suddenly believed that there was a chance that I could complete this. And I have!

But, I couldn't have finished this without all of you. Your blogs, inspiring comments and detailed answers to questions have given me the tools and the confidence to believe in myself and my abilities as a runner :-)

So what next? I'm going to do a few weeks of Stamina, Speed etc and then I'm going to try the (2) B210K program's that I've downloaded. If I can run for 30 minutes, I can run for 60 minutes - cant I??

For those just starting out, you can do it! If you're unsure about the next week, try it, you'll be amazed by what you can achieve when you want to. Get those gremlins off your shoulder (mine still make regular appearances) they are your worst enemies. Don't worry about what you can't do (I'm still avoiding hills) but congratulate yourself on what you can do!!

See you all in 5k+! Now I'm off to organise my graduate badge and order my t-shirt

Caroline xx

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WELL DONE. It's a great feeling to be able to say "I ran 5K"

I've now come back down to earth with a bump after the elation of graduating yesterday. My knee's complaining again and I'm full of some dreadded bug of other, sore throat, coughing, cold, tired and just want to whinge. When I'm over this bug I think I'll stick with 3x30 min runs for a few weeks, then slowing increase the time/distance, you never know I may even get to 10k one day.


Well done, Carolinew! Really enjoyed reading your blog, very inspirational! Good luck with your journey to 10k!


Congatulations on graduating. I did mine on Friday and now need to decide what to do next! Guess I'll just go out and run tomorrow and decide later :)


well done!

Have you got a link for those 10K plans? I ran 6K this morning by mistake and now there's no hope for me


One is the Samantha Murphy program that i downloaded and dropped into itunes. The second one i downloaded from the Apple appstore. Its by Bluefin Software and has a man in running gear on the photo.


Well look at you miss graduate!! :-) so very happy for you, I see 10k in your future!!!


Congratulations, carolinew!! It is indeed amazing to think about how much our bodies progress in only 9 weeks!! YOU DID IT!! Keep Running!!


Thanks everyone - I'm still brimming with excitement!! Good luck to all of you xx


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