Can't sleep now πŸ˜’

Wanted to go out for a reasonably early run but waking at 4 am and then thinking through what running kit I would put on later, which route I would go, woke me up completely. Went out at 5 am in the dark for a good 30 minute foot dragging run and feel good for going. Does anyone else obsess with running, thinking about the next run, running kit, forums, websites, sussing out new places to run?

Maybe it is just me?



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18 Replies

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  • It's not just you. I am well and truly hooked too. (Although not to the extent of running at 5 in the morning!! ) πŸ˜€ gotta admire you for that! I have never been into other sporty things. I started with yoga two years ago and recognised the benefits and now running. It makes you feel so different doesn't it?

  • I know, needed to go early or not run today, waiting in for an engineer - will come before 6 pm, then out this evening! Even sitting here and my legs want to move, looked at my bike and it has a puncture again so will have to resist πŸ˜‰ Even if the engineer comes sooner

  • I love running, but will not be up at 4 to do it any time soon. I like to see where I'm going, which is hard cos there are no lights in the French vineyards :)

  • Plenty of lights on my English council estate so I'm fine! Just have to stick to paths and cross roads and prefer country runs. Start with a running club on Thursday then parkrun on Saturday, so should b a good week 😊. What is the running like there, imagine it can b hilly??

  • Sounds like a great programme! Running here involves watching out for potholes on the lanes, and changing itinerary when it rains because some of the tracks through the vineyards get muddy and slippery (there's clay in the soil). There are a couple of hills, but I'm clever and I avoid them :)

  • I did dream about running the other night.......... oh dear.

  • Had three nightmares before I did my first parkrun (1) I turned up in flip flops (2) forgot my barcode (3) a dog chased me round the course. None of these came true thankfully 😊

  • I must admit on the day I've run, I do lie awake for a while thinking about it and about my next run, also I watch the weather more closely now, is it going to be wet & windy for the next time I run?? I think about what I will wear....should I go into long running pants now and long sleeves?? Am I a tiny bit obsessed?? :P

  • Anything running-related grabs my attention! Birthday money - running gear. Best kept shoes - running trainers. Meet new people - tell them I'm a runner! I'm happy!!! 😍 Julie

  • Like you Julie (hmm, reminds me of a song I know :-D), I think about running a lot. I used to be a mountain bike girl but just got into this running lark. I have spent a small fortune so far - decent running shoes obviously, Garmin, kit and I am even starting to purchase running magazines.. I love them! :-D my boyfriend's sister is big into running and she has given me an absolute stack of old running mags :-)

    It's great - it's a new hobby for us. My boyfriend is adamant that I will do this and then not run again all winter but I really want to prove him wrong. I enjoy running. I mean, who goes out for a run and wishes they hadn't? It always feels good.

    If you're early morning running, Aldi do a lovely glow in the dark gilet. It's got a zip pocket too - always handy :-D

  • You will definitely runn all winter, loving the crisp air! What stage r u at? I graduated 4 weeks ago which is fab but miss the programme, savour every run! Julie πŸ˜‹

  • This morning I did run number 2 of week 9 so one run to go... although think my boyfriend has given me his stinking cold :-(

  • I'm an 05:00 runner, love it. Cant be doing with 09:00 afternoon runs :)

  • I am a morning runner, not usually that early though. I like to run before breakfast, have been known to have a cooked breakfast reward or two before!!! Trying to b extra good this week as I have been stuck at 11 stone 12 for a couple of weeks. Lost 17 lbs but still 28 to go and they don't want to leave me!! πŸ˜” Julie

  • Nope, not just you. I think there are million of us

  • Not just you 😊 I keep trying to sort out my routine to get up early enough, ideally I'd be out running by 7am then back and in the bath by 8, ready for work by 9. Reality was I'd get up at 8, often not get out til 8.15 or later, then knock on effect start work late at 10. Was okay while I was working from home but now I've got an office job need to get my routine sorted, it's been weighing on my mind a lot! One day I did get up stupidly early from worrying about it. I remember I waited for the sun to rise a bit before actually going out though...

  • I am lucky in that I am self employed and work from home but I do go out around 7am but it is so dark now! My run to the next village has no street lights either :-/

  • Oh yes! I've had a few days off because I was travelling and to rest my knee a bit, after 4 days I was dreaming about running! I probably kicked all the bedclothes off! When I'm awake I'm always thinking about where to go next, how far, whether to do intervals or a long slow run etc...

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