Can't Stop Me Now!

Today I completed W6R1 - with which I was pleased as I had noted others saying how it's difficult to go back to "interval" running. I found it tougher than usual, I think this was mostly because I was running on very unkempt grass; but I did it.

There was one thing which I felt needed a post however, and it needs a little context. I was running in my local park today, which has a play-park for children. Part of my route took me to within earshot of the play park.

In the 8min section of the podcast, I heard one of the people with children remark: "come and look at this elephant of a man get all sweaty!", ordinarily I would have let this slide, but I felt this warranted a reply. As that person was laughing at me, I simply said to them:

"If they were my children I know whose example I would rather they follow".

So, hecklers - heckle away! If my decision to get fitter and lose weight offends you so much, I am sorry. Insult me all you want - just not in front of your kids.

This man can!


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10 Replies

  • What an ignorant person! You did right to challenge them - such a poor example to their children both in term of manners and healthy living.

    Don't be deterred - you are doing something wonderful for yourself and you will have the last laugh!

    You go JM!

  • I know - it saddened me that someone would act like that in front of young kids. But, onwards and upwards!

  • Well done for completing this notoriously difficult run despite all the hassles!

  • Well done matey. Week 6 is a killer. Plod on and Week 9 will be a breeze :)

  • What an awful thing for someone to say. Well done you for sticking up for yourself. Sounds like your runs are going well and you are achieving something that you can be really proud off.

  • That's terrible. Good for you for responding, and well done on the run too!

  • How rude! I think that was the perfect response - I probably would have got grouchy and shouted or just ignored them and fumed! (I wonder if it would have made me go faster!)

  • That was my initial thought - but then I thought I should be the better person. It was really liberating!

    Thanks for the replies, everyone!

  • That's outrageous! To think it is bad enough, but to say it in front of impressionable children is disgraceful. I really think there should be a test to prove suitability to be a parent!!! Worse than Jeremy Flipping Clarkson!!!

  • What prompted me to lose weight last time (about 10 years ago) was a kid's comment to his mum while I was walking through Tesco. "Why's that man got tits". Fortunately the mum looked mortified and told her child off, or I might have disgraced myself and possibly been marched off the premises or worse. I felt dreadful about it, BUT it did the trick. I lost 6 stone. Then of course life got in the way. It took ten years to put it back again and now I'm in the throws of proving I can do it all again.

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