Ping! No not now!!!!!!

****! I am sooooo annoyed - I really had to push myself to go out and run this morning, but I got up, got my kit on and ventured out at about 8.30 am. It was already pretty hot, and I hate running in heat, and the first 10 mins was hard work but then I got in to my pace. Finished the run, but had run out of music as the podcast finished while I was walking the rest of the way home. I thought I would find some of my own music to walk to, so I had to stop as my iPhone was playing me up and I couldn't get the track to play. Finally it started and I carried on walking and then Ping! something went behind my good knee! Of all the times for me to get an injury it would be just before i'm about to graduate, bloody typical! I get home and then my partner says "well come on, we are busking (Jiving) in town this morning' - and he was really annoyed when I said that I couldn't because my knee was giving me jip. So he left for town with a face on like he was chewing a wasp, leaving me feeling as though I should make the effort to go, but knowing that I have damaged my leg. Well I have decided to stay at home, my knee is more important than dancing but I suppose I will be made to feel bad because I didn't dance. Life can be such a pain at times God knows when I am going to be able to finish now :-(


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7 Replies

  • Oh no, what a disaster! 'Something went' sounds much more serious than the typical swelling other common injuries that we hear about on this forum. I'm sure RICE could be beneficial, but get yourself off to see a professional ASAP. Get your knee better, try and keep your fitness levels up & lots of stretching and you'll be back here & graduating before you know it.

  • Sorry to hear about that but I'm sure you did the right thing to stay at home. If you had gone you might have messed up both running and dancing but this way hopefully you'll be back up and running (and dancing) faster.

    Does it hurt?

  • Get to the docs asap. call nhs24 and try to go to the out of hours instead of waiting till Monday. As Mark said rice- get it up and iced, it really does work wonders. I'll have my fingers and toes crossed that it sorts quickly.

  • What such bad luck and, as you say, the timing couldn't have been worse! Hope you recover sooner rather than later. Good luck.

  • Thanks guys for the advice, much appreciated, I-will it does hurt but not horrendously it feels more stiff than anything else!

  • Ouch ouch OUCH, Take care won't you Lottiedog and see the doc if you're at all worried. I've had lots of knee pain but I've never had a 'ping'. Sounds nasty! :(

  • Oh ouch! Sounds like a real injury not just the normal aches and pains. Hope it mends soon but it's probably best to check with your GP. Commiserations.

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