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Winning Back My Crown πŸ‘‘ of Faff!

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After a complete load of faffage before my previous run, and the Davoda completing trumping me in the faff department yesterday, I was determined not to win it back today.

1.😴 Didn't wake up early enough and had to take daughter to dentist instead of running.

2. Fannied around worrying about mammogram (1 year anniversary since diagnosis/surgery) instead of running.

3. Went to breast screening and criedπŸ˜₯ (Bought back too many memories) so went home for a nice cup of tea instead of running.

4. Hubby suggested I go running - I looked at the rain 🌧instead of running.

5. After lunch 🍽decided I would go running, knowing all my kit was upstairs ready for me.

6. Kit on, but no sign of ankle support. I can't go running.

7. Eventually found ankle support but MapMyRun wouldn't load 😬 - it took ages attempting to migrate my data - I can't go running.

8. Deleted MapMyRun from phone, then reinstalled and hung around waiting for it to load - I just want to go running!

9. At last, playlist on 🎢, MapMyRun working, and I was out the door running (well 5 minutes warm up walking then πŸƒπŸ½β€β™€οΈ)

After all that effort I was only doing a short run, so like Davoda my run was actually shorter than the time to get ready. But I did shave a couple of seconds off my p.b. 5k in 26.39, and ran the first km in under 5minutes. πŸ˜€ I enjoyed πŸƒπŸ½β€β™€οΈ running.

Will I be getting my crown πŸ‘‘ back.

26 Replies
McFitty profile image

The Crown of Faffage. Sounds like an episode of Game of Thrones. I think you might have won it back... this timeπŸ˜‚

davelinks profile image

Thought pops was the Queen of faffage!😁

Davoda profile image
DavodaGraduate in reply to davelinks

We seemed to have developed a new weekly challenge: "who can faff longer than run!"

poppypug profile image
poppypugGraduate in reply to davelinks

Ha ha Dave, I think I have got myself some SERIOUS competition here ! :-D xxx

Razouski profile image
Razouski in reply to davelinks

I don't want to take Poppy's Title, I'll settle for being the Princess of Faffage. :-)

Davoda profile image

πŸ‘‘ Here you go! You are welcome to it after that!!!!

πŸ‘‘ here's another one for your sub 5 min k.

πŸ’and some flowers for getting through this last year & your 1st anniversary.

Razouski profile image
Razouski in reply to Davoda

Thanks Davoda, it's been a tough year, and just keeping my fingers crossed that my results (2 weeks to wait for them) are clear. 🀞

Oldfloss profile image
OldflossAdministrator in reply to Razouski

I have everything crossed for you.. even my eyesxxxxxxxxxxx

davidhwynn profile image

I don't know about the faff crown, but I think you deserve a medal!! If (when) I feel I can run 5K I'll hope to see you in Wardown Park.

Razouski profile image
Razouski in reply to davidhwynn

I shall look forward to that davidhwynn .

poppypug profile image

What an emotional and tough year you have had Razouski . Big hugs to you and heres to your continued recovery xxx

Oldfloss profile image

Definitely... oh my dear! What a time.. Just... the hugest hug for everything you have gone through...xxxxx

RainbowC profile image

In awe. Of what you must have been through this last year. Of 5k being a short run. Of the amount of faffing you can fit in before a run ;)

Razouski profile image
Razouski in reply to RainbowC

Thanks RainbowC , it has been quite a tough year, hence doing C25K, to help me get fit and healthy. But I am truly an amazing faffer! LOL :-)

6 months ago I had never run in my life, so it just goes to show how the C25K programme does work, as I can now run 5k and a bit further, and I even enjoy it.

Theziggy profile image

Pretty mean time for a self confessed Queen of Faffage oops just read further down I mean the Princess of Faffage - well done

Anniemurph profile image

That was a tough day - well done for getting out there, and fingers, eyes, toes and everything crossed that the results come back clear xx

Faffing is good for us, I'm convinced that it's part of the ritual :)

Razouski profile image
Razouski in reply to Anniemurph

I must admit, I did feel like throwing in the towel as the fates seemed against me, but once I've got my running clothes on I feel like I have to go out.

misswobble profile image

Glad you finally managed to get out the door for your run

I am going to get more organised this year (oh yes I am) and will keep my running stuff in one place so it's to hand (oh yes I will)

I drive myself to the verge of insanity trying to get my sh*t together as a rule. No more! I am a changed woman (oh yes I am)

On that note Wobble's off to get ready to run. Car keys involved. Gulp. My first time out in my new car. What could possibly go wrong πŸ˜€

Razouski profile image
Razouski in reply to misswobble

Hope you enjoyed your trip out in your new car, and had a good run too. I like the idea of being more organised and I try to keep my running stuff in one place, but it doesn't always work out that way.

AnneDroid profile image

You're such a star Razouski . I hope the two weeks' waiting will pass really quickly and it will be great news.

Congratulations on your speedy running. Awesome! I am getting slower and slower for some reason.

And congratulations (?) on regaining your crown. I find it hugely comforting that I'm not a lone faffer but belong to a lovely big supportive community of fellow-faffers. :)

Razouski profile image
Razouski in reply to AnneDroid

Thanks, Fellow Faffer. :-)

Super time on the 5k Razouski ..

As for the faffage, its all part of the process, getting everything just so before stepping out the door.πŸ˜†

As davoda and the others have said well done on a tough year you are brave and amazing. 😊xxx

Thanks Jan, don't always feel particularly brave, but trying to be determined.

It's good to know that faffage is all part of the running process. ;-)

melly4012 profile image

Well done you. It's great that you got out there regardless and enjoyed it. I hope this year continues to get better and better and helps you leave last year well behind you. :)

skysue16 profile image

Wow - fantastic time, I can't imagine ever running under 30 minutes, well done!

Razouski profile image
Razouski in reply to skysue16

I couldn't ever imagine running at all 12 months ago! πŸ˜ƒ

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