Taking it from 5k to 10k what do you think ??

I feel like resisting this but also can see the benefits too. I want to bring my running down to 30 minutes for a 5k, which I'm told is quite a ask. I've just got it down to 33:38 so am not too far off.

We're thinking of moving to 10k now. I thought I wasn't ready but was so surprised as to how easy an extra 1k was to add to the run. We're going to run / walk the additional 5k I think this doesn't make me feel quite so nervous.

Wish me luck.


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  • It's fun! I loved the journey from 5 to 10 k. Recording those gradual weekly increases is such a blast. When you get to 7k you start to believe that it's do-able, which of course, it is

    Go steady of course, and take time to savour the moment when you hit that next target. It will come!

    Be sure to be doing some strength training at this point. Your body is going further so your core needs to be ready. So, if you're not doing some cross training yet then I'd seriously think about it as you're demanding more of your body and it needs to be up to the job.

    I don't go to the gym but do exercises at home with Jillian Michaels of Biggest Loser fame (or should that be infamy!)

  • that sounds interesting and inspiring. Thank you.

  • I'm with MW. I loved the increase in distance. It took me ages to get down to a 30 min 5k but I almost feel the longer distances allow to find your natural pace more easily for some reason. Plus they give you more stamina.

    Have fun. It's a great journey :D

  • A 10 k is easier than a 5! More time to warm up, hit your stride, level off into smooth running and enjoy the view before slowing down for the cool down walk. Far less frenetic than the hurried business of the frantic 5 where you have so little time to pack it all in

  • Oh wonderful if that's the case it seems that it's the right thing to do then. I always said in my head that 5k was my limit. Amazing how powerful the mind can be. Because increasing by just 1k was so easy it seems much more achievable now.

    thank you for your encouraging words.

  • Good luck. Take it slow and steady and enjoy it ☺

  • Why not try negative splits... do the first 5k run/walk and then the last 5k running?

    Here's a link for further info.

    "The reason this works is because it can take your body several miles to get warmed up. After that, your muscles are charged, your joints lubricated, and mood-boosting endorphins flood your system. You'll find yourself running faster without feeling any more effort."

    Here's the full article...


  • How interesting I'll take a look thank you.

  • Slow down and don't clock watch while you're increasing your long run each week - just enjoy it and walk when you need to. There's a new group on Health Unlocked dedicated to C25K graduates who are moving on to longer distances. Bridge to 10k. Why not join up there too as there will be lots of advice there.

  • Brilliant have just joined.

  • Yes definitely! Longer runs are just the best for escaping and feeling epic! You know the score, take it slowly and abide by the 10% rule. Don't always increase every week, cut your distance down 1 in every 3 or 4 weeks as this gives your body a chance to recover and get stronger. Cross train, take your rest days (more if you have to), stretch and get closer to your foam roller!

  • Oh I don't have a foam roller.

  • You need to decide based on your speed and stamina plus recovery from runs. I went from C25K to a 10K programme and within a week my legs told me off. The recommended increase in runtime is 10% and then to hold the increase for a couple of weeks, so whatever we do, let's do it carefully!! 😉 Julie

  • Yes good advice I must admit I hadn't thought about this being a steady increase. The small increase can be easily done. Thanks for the advice.

  • My OH bought me a pair of running socks as a Xmas present (I was planning to start C25K in January) and included a flyer for a 10k race mid-this year. I laughed and scoffed at her, thinking the running would be a good bit of exercise, but was dubious about running even 5K. I ran 10K a week after graduating, and ran my first 10K race in June, a 5 mile race in August, another 10K in September and last weekend, I ran a half marathon! So, yes, increasing distances is a very doable thing, and I'm with MW that 10K is a nicer distance than 5K, though I do enjoy my Parkruns.

    As to getting your 5K time down, I wouldn't focus on that - it will come naturally as you get fitter.

  • Yes. It's funny that. For ages I had not gone anywhere near the PB I set in March. Then all of a sudden, each run I did I seemed to be setting a new PB every other run, to me at first it seemed odd, I was very happy about it as this really meant my fitness was improving, and that was months later in August. I can see little improvements by the fact that overall my 5k times are coming down. I also think that the milder weather means I think I would be happier to go a bit further with a run.

  • Definitely go for it 10K is now my favourite distance as I feel I have really achieved something at the end. I did the transition slowly to begin with increasing by 10% (time) until I got to 7.5K. Then I accidentally increased to 12.5k with a 'Run Forest Run' moment ;) I have now dropped back to 10K so do one of those and 2x5k each week but have to say now I run further my 5K's feel easier !! :) Happy running :)

  • Ooo that sounds really inspiring. I like the idea that I can really keep the 5k distance and mx it up a bit with 10k. This hadn't crossed my mind at all.

  • Oh, definitely mix it up. I generally use Sunday as my longer run, with Parkrun on Saturday and a couple of other 5-7K runs in the week.

  • It's is so interesting to hear people's experiences. I thought that 5k was my limit but I'm definitely not shying away from giving longer distances ago now.

  • I found it helped to think in terms of where I wanted to go, the journeys I wanted to make - extending the distance gave me more possibilities.

    I didn't use any kind of fancy plan but I did do quite a few different things to round my well being on the way up to 10k, as others have suggested.

  • Okay that's sounds good there is a particular route I fancy taking. Great idea.

  • I've managed the 10k but not 30 min 5k - think my pb is 35 mins.

    So I would say the move from 5 to 10k is easier - and do-able - and an amazing achievement.

    So go for it!

    Good luck, take care 😃 xx

  • Thank you for your encouragements. I'm going to do the build up slowly, so as not to put myself off.

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