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Hi All,

Looking for some help here to try and understand what may be happening.

I have recently graduated and have to say that whilst I can run the 5k I still find it hard going on most runs. I last went for a run on Sunday when I did a PB of 33:11. Due to various issues I didn't get to run again until this morning 4 days later. I got to the 3k mark and had to stop as I was exhausted. I managed to do a few shorts runs when walking home but it was slow. Now, the problem is that this also happened the previous week when again I could only run 4 days after the Sunday run and only managed 2.5 k before I had to stop. I can't think of any obvious reason for this except that I didn't do my normal one day run one day rest. I've read a lot of posts where people have picked up where they left off after an injury break so I really don't understand what's happening. Nothing comes to mind except maybe my age (61) means I need to keep running regularly every second day (which I intend to continue to do where possible). I would appreciate any thoughts on what may be impacting other than just the 4 days break in betepween runs.


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  • A 5K PB of 33:11 is quite good - but I am wondering that , when you then attempt your next run, you are going out too fast?? I have found that sometimes I unconsciously become a bit "cocky" and it comes back to bite me!! I have taken to wearing my HR monitor again because during my "training" runs, my HR's have been rising too high and I have become exhausted ( although it is also very hot here in Oz) . I think it is very easy for this to happen as we gain confidence with our running. I also run 5K at Parkrun around your time (I am 68) - I have had it down to 32:30 but I am thinking that it is as good as it will ever get . Why? - because of my elevated heart rates at that pace - there is simply no more heart beats left for me to use :) - and I think that I am almost as fit now as I will ever be , after running for 15 months. Could possibly lose a few more Kgs yet so that may improve things. Bottom line is - we all have our absolute upper limits - perhaps you are approaching yours??

    PS - I also run every second day - I have yet to find an occasion where I was still being affected by a run 48 hours ago.

  • Thanks Bazza, the splits on my run today were much slower than normal so I don't think I was going too fast. I'm not looking to run any faster but do wonder why I found the second runs so exhausting. Hopefully I can continue to do every second day and maybe when it starts too cool down it will be easier, I certainly have difficulty running in the heat even though I go out as early as I can.

  • Some days runs are just harder - there could be a pattern or not. Food, sleep, stress, speed, route, fighting illness, heat/cold could all contribute. Those bad run days just, be happy you got out the door and did, any distance - you know you'll be back up to snuff the, next run or so.

  • Thankyou runwithdogs. You're right, at least I got to run and will try not to expect a great run each time I head out. I guess it's just that I was really pleased when I graduated and had the expectation that I would continue to have a good run each time. I'll take each run as it comes and hope I get my rhythm back!

  • Do you use any kind of programme to run with? C25k provides the challenge and the routine to keep us pushing ever onward, being without Laura's gentle guidance can leave some of us bereft after graduation. You could try the C25k+ podcasts or maybe go back to the W9 C25k podcasts, just for guidance. This might help you find out whether the cause is physical or psychological. Good luck.

  • Thanks lannodaTruffle, I'm still using C25 week 9 podcast as I'm not ready to say goodbye to Laura yet! I've downloaded the C25k+ podcasts so will give them a go.

  • All good suggestions from other folk. My hunch would be that you're over thinking this. As we all do!

  • I'd also look at what you had to eat and drink the day before. I've found it makes a huge difference to my energy levels if I'm not properly hydrated or fed. I'm a morning runner so my evening meal makes the biggest difference to me. I have a glass of water and a cup of coffee first thing, a slice of cheese and I'm off. But if I've only eaten lightly the evening before I know I won't be able to do a long run - so if I'm aiming for a longer run, I tend to load up on protein and carbs the night before.

    Having said all that, of course, some runs are just better than others, and at least you were out there doing 3k. I hope you work out what it is, but whatever the cause, happy running :)

  • Thanks Anniemurph, it's possible that I hadn't eaten sufficiently the night before. I've had a good meal tonight so will test that theory tomorrow morning. Whatever happens I will keep on running whether they are short or longer runs, I love it too much to give it away!

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