Anybody doing c25k with fibromyalgia?

Hi just joined today 😊

I completed c25k in 2012 as part of a training programme to improve my fitness for a 3 week charity trek accross the Alaskan mountain ranges , i loved running and even completed the great south run.

Shortly after i was diagnosed with fybro and gave up running as i couldnt cope with the pain. Its been a few years now and decided i want to get back into running as i really miss it and need to lose a few lbs. Im really enjoying it and so unbelievably proud of myself after i complete each run but am struggling with the after pains. Im finding i need to have 3 rest days as the runs are getting longer. After w4r3 was the worst , was actually in tears trying to get downstairs the next morning! Ive just completed w5r1 today and im buzzing , felt amazing! Im apprehensive what tomorrow will bring on the pain front , so was wanting to no if anybody has a similar issue and can offer any advice for me.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the long post!


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  • Pretty sure I have seen several but @goya was on earlier today talking about exactly that.

  • Thank you! I tried searching but nothing came up , however i am useless with this sort of thing lol. Ill have another look and see if i can find it.

  • Post was about 3 hours ago so if search doesn't work just scroll through posts to find goya

  • Read this post Maybe you can be mutual support.

    By the way, welcome to the forum.

  • Thank you 😊 ill have a read.

  • Hi there, another fibro person here trying the c25k. I confess I tried two years ago and only did week 1 on and off, then other stuff led me off track. This time, I've just started 3 weeks ago. I repeated week 1 twice, and now just finished week2. I'll try to start week 3 directly but if pain too much just go back to repeat week2 until I can handle it. I do take 2 days of rest sometimes, and hot shower/bath + rubbing oils helps after the run... But hey, you are way more advanced than me, so I'm eager to listen to your advice!

  • Hi goyo , glad there is someone in the same boat as me! Yeah im pretty much the same with hot shower , extra rest days , deep heat (lots of!) And some pill popping! Ive thought about starting lots of times but was always to scared of a flare , but my dad is doing his 100th park run in September and we always used ro run together so i really want to complete it with him , i think having something to focus on is helping , i love just getting back out there and feeling like myself again. Good luck with the program , if you ever need somebody to moan to on a bad day or share the excitement with on a good one then drop me a msg 😊

  • Hi I'm looking to start c25k. I've got fibro and osteoarthritis but I'm hoping it will help. Good luck xx

  • Hi dippydoo! I dont have osteoarthritis, so i cant offer any advice there but it has helped so much with my fybro, i was sceptical to start but purely down to how it would effect my pain lvls , but i love c25k and this forum is great , lots of support and tips, so glad i started and i hope you feel the same in a few weeks. Good luck with it! Dont be scared to post if you have any questions , chances are theres someone out there who wants to no the answer aswell. Looking forward to seeing how you get on x

  • Thanks, I saw your post and followed you to get some inspiration. I also have Crohn's disease and patella alta but I'm determined to get my weight down and get healthier for my own good. You're setting a great example xx

  • Thank you thats a nice thing to hear! You yourself are a great inspiration to be considering c25k with your health conditions. I consider myself fortunate to only have to contend with fybro , i do have ibs so i get sluggish days but dont have the complications and pain from chrons. I had to google patella alta as i have never heard of it! All i can say is take as many rest days as you require , if in doubt , rest! Doesnt matter if it takes a year to complete c25k! Take all the rest days you need and look at every run as an achievement because they are!! If you ever need somebody to talk to through this adventure please feel free to msg me x

  • Thank you for your help and advice. Good luck going forward xx

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