Week 6 Run 3 Not quite there yet

So disappointed with myself. Nice sunny afternoon so I tried W6R3 but had to stop short about 90 seconds from the end of the run. All the way round I was finding it hard to breathe and coming towards the end I felt a bit wobbly. (I suffer from vertigo which isn't great for exercising) I finished the walk slowly, but with my head down and feeling sorry for myself nearly got run over by a cyclist as I crossed the path. My fault entirely no damage done. But not a good running day. At the moment I can't envisage doing these long runs three times to the end of the programme.


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7 Replies

  • Try not to be too hard on yourself - we all have days when our run doesn't go to plan. And 90 seconds short of a 22-min run is hardly a great problem.

    Hopefully you will soon settle down and the running won't exacerbate the vertigo too much. However, if you find that you are better running in blocks of, say, 10 minutes with a few minutes walking in-between, there's no dishonour in that!

    Take it gently and keep it up - if you have to adapt the program a little to personal circumstances then so be it, but don't let that stop you. You'll really start to feel the difference if you persevere.

    Happy running!


  • Thanks appreciate the encouragement.

  • Aww. So you just ran 23.5 minutes non stop with vertigo and feel sorry for yourself? Just think about how much you have achieved in 6 short weeks and feel proud! You're doing great and you will nail it next time out!

  • Please don't be too disappointed Marinagirl. I promise you we have all had days/runs like that, and Week 6 is notorious for catching folk out. Don't let it deter you. I found it hard going back to the intervals after the block 20min run. Don't start letting those gremlins take a bite - you are in control and you CAN do this! Hope your next run leaves you feeling more positive, let us know. Good luck👍

  • You can do it! We all have bad runs, promise. Just try it again and take it really slow. If you are feeling out of breath, just go slower.

  • I think pace is really important, if you run more slowly for a longer run, you are more likely to reach the end. What made you stop - shortage of breath, leg pain or negative thoughts? Breathe slowly and deeply too, I find if I do that, I could keep plodding on for 30 minutes. Julie

  • Aw Marina, please dont be so hard on yourself :-)

    My mam had vertigo and she had to hold on to a wall at times as she felt she was going to fall over , so I do sympathise , I can imagine if that takes a hold whilst youre runnning it can really knock you for six !

    Deep breaths and keep your pace slow and steady. You are doing really well, Week 6 is a tough one .

    Keep going ! :-) xxx

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