Week 7, run 2 stats

I have a Garmin forerunner 10 - I have been using it since week 4 and am progressing slowly on my times. I did a PB for my 5k today (albeit some of that will be walking time, obviously) at 36.52. I am really hoping I can get that time down by the time the 9 weeks are up. Am I on track? I am quite pleased as I got 4 PBs today but boy, did I find it hard. I usually run first thing in the morning but had to go at lunchtime instead today.. going to stick to early morning runs now, definitely.

Must have worked hard - my face is like a beetroot! :-D


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  • OK - I'm not sure what you are asking by "on-track", but if you ran for 25mins as part of your 36min 5k, then it probably works out as follows:

    11 mins at a normal 3miles/hour walking pace is 0.55 miles or 0.88 km.

    That leaves 4.12 km that you ran in 25 mins.

    If you can maintain that pace for 30mins by the end of c25k then you will have run 4.944km, which is 5k within the error of the estimates.

    So yes - if you can carry on at your current pace then by w9 you will be doing 5km in 30 mins, which is fabulous going after 9 weeks!

    Well done! Keep it up!


  • Thank you Ugi. How strange though because when I am out "running" it just feels like I am shuffling along.. and because I have been getting stitch I have slowed down. Thanks for your reply :-)

  • It's easy to run too fast, especially to start. When I started, I felt like anything below 8 min/mile (5 min/km) wasn't really running! I pretty quickly discovered that wasn't a sustainable pace and it's taken me nearly 2 years to be able to say that I can do 5 miles at that speed. I would still do around 9 min/mile for anything longer.

    Your stitch may be down to breathing rhythm and probably did indicate that you were going faster than you should at the start. As you get accustomed to running, you will be able to judge what is a sustainable effort over various times and distances and you may well go back to your "stitch" pace. However, for the moment, you certainly don't need to go any faster than you are doing.

    Just stick to it and you'll be there in only a couple of weeks - and with a 5k run too by the looks of it!


  • That is very quick. Most people can't get anywhere near 5k in 30mins when they graduate. I myself can do it in 32 mins tops. 2 months after graduation I am now working towards 10km runs so my pace has dropped even more. Well done.

  • I am hoping I can run for longer periods rather than be fast. But both would be a bonus :-)

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