Couch to 5K

W6R2 - pram, 2 bikes and a plodder!

Missed yesterdays session due to little one not being well so today I decided to get out....all sounds well and good until you need to factor in a baby in a pram, a 5 year old with zero balance on a bike with stabilisers and a eager 10 year old who thinks she can cycle for England!!

It went really well though, longer warm-up than usual but Laura was patiently waiting when I pressed play again. both 10 minute runs went well, one up an incline literally shoving the 5 year old with one hand and pushing the [ram with the other.

I know W6R3 is going to be a challenge but hey, bring it on!

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your runs sound more like family triathlons :)


supermum! ;-)


Blimey! It's all I can do to keep myself going let alone pushing a toddler and a pram! I even struggle to replace my ear buds when they fall out! Are you superhuman or what? I seriously admire your determination!


especially if its one of those new-fangled prams with wobbly wheels.

well done. inspirational & determined :)


Thanks all, definitely not superhuman just don't like missing days so needs must.

I must look rather funny though doing it, kids enjoy coming out with me which is a blessing really, hopefully they'll grow up thinking fitness is the norm.

Not going to attempt all that on R6 though, 25 minutes straight??? That'll be me plodding on my own.


Nothing is going to stop you! A real inspiration. You deserve a medal already. I bet the kids love it and you are giving them such a great example.

Good luck with the next run,



How do you do that?!!! You must be one of those mega super mums I've heard about :) I would NEVER contemplate taking my kids on a run, it would end in catastrophe so well done :)


Nearest i have come is taking them all to the local playground and running round it!! Well done you for tackling them all head on and running. x


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