W6R2 "Horrible sugar crash, I think!"

W6R2 "Horrible sugar crash, I think!"

Literally, the only thing that I thought for about 10 minutes whilst running.


8 PM evening run.


2 X 10 minute runs.


It was the last interval day with a walking break between two 10 minute running sessions.


Yesterday was also a deadline day at my work. I had forgotten to have lunch and the only food I had for the whole day was my breakfast cereal at 8 AM!

Several teas have been consumed before realising the day had already finished though.


The first 5 minutes of the first 10 minute was brilliant. Then came the overwhelming dizziness out of the blue. Never stopped. Slowed down my pace all the way down to the point pedestrians were overtaking me looking puzzled.


Still never stopped. Emotions were overflowing with guilt, tiredness, embarrassment and anxiety added to the mix.

Still never stopped. Suddenly "the voice" said I have only a minute more left. Gritted my teeth and pressed on.


Once the first ten minute session was over I had to pause the day for couple minutes and breath again. Slumped on a park bench and took a break for five.


Amazingly my body has recovered before my mind had the confidence to standup again. Just resumed the app and walked for 3 minutes before my final 10 minute run.


The thoughts of having "a hot shower, a cake or a pie, huh.. why not both?" took control over. Amazingly there was nothing dramatic during my second session and it went really smooth as a hot knife though a block of margarine. Can't blame me. Everything I thought was about food at that point.


No more walking breaks after today in the programme. I wouldn't have finished today if not for the break in the middle though.


Now I just have to make sure I don't skip meals even if it were just the light ones, I guess. I shall have to wait and see how my continuous sessions go from here.


:P :D :)


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  • Ha ha ! I really enjoy reading your posts nchunc , you always paint a very vivid picture , feels like Im there with you :-)

    And yes , good point about the meals. I always try and have at least a banana or some peanut butter before I venture out .

    Youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks, :D

    A banana ๐ŸŒ will be my go to trusted backup from now on!

  • Just don't keep it in your trousers ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • :D

  • What will power! You really are doing incredibly. If you can get through that with no fuel, the rest should be a breeze. (don't forget to eat though)!

  • Thanks, it really was a horribly slow pace though. :)

    Then again, I guess it's better than have just given up and regretting it.

  • Running on empty nchunc..๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    As you say, now you know to make sure you eat properly on running days and carry healthy snacks just in case..

    Good luck with that R3...๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Indeed and thanks!

    I am learning a lot about my body in the process. :)

  • I'm on w6 r3 today and you say no more walks......oh dear.

  • We are ready! :)

    I was sceptical too but It took me a while to find out we are. Just watch your pace, keep it slow, steady and have a consistent rhythm. Before you know it, you would already be half way through!

    Good luck :D

  • Today you learnt what you need (or can't do without) for your runs which will be helpful to know in the future. Enjoy the last 3 and a bit weeks! Eat enough beforehand and you'll get through that 25 mins fine.

  • Thanks Melly! :)

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